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KIIT University KIITEE 2015 Sample Question Paper : KIIT Entrance Examination

Name of the Organisation : KIIT University
Type of Announcement : Sample Question Paper
Entrance Exam : KIIT Entrance Examination (KIITEE-2015)

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Sample Question Paper :

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KIIT University KIITEE 2016 Entrance Examination :

1. By which of the following means Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome does not spreads:
(A) Blood transfusion
(B) Sexual contact
(C) Using the same needle for injection
(D) Hand shake
2. Glycolysis operates in which part of cell
(A) Mitochondria (B) Chloroplast (C) Ribosome (D) Cytosol
3. Ribosomes of prokaryotes are:
(A) 80S type (B) 70S type (C) 60S type (D) 50S type
4. Five kingdom classification was proposed by
(A) R. H. Whittaker (B) Strassburger
(C) Klug and cummings (D) Carolus Linneaus
5. “Survival of the fittest” theory of evolution was proposed by
(A) Charles Darwin (B) Lamarck
(C) Hugo de Varies (D) None of the above
6. Site of the protein synthesis in cell is
(A) Cytosol (B) Ribosome (C) Nucleus (D) Chromosome
7. Light reaction of photosynthesis occurs in
(A) Chloroplast stroma (B) Thylakoid lumen
(C) Thylakoid membrane (D) Chloroplast inner membrane
8. Angiosperms first appeared in
(A) Jurassic period (B) Cretaceous period
(C) Triassic period (D) Permian period

MBBS / BDS / B.Sc. Nursing/ Biotech – Dual Degree (Set-A)
101. Which one of the following is not true about lichens?
(A) Some form food for reindeer in arctic regions
(B) Some species can be used as pollution indicators
(C) These grow very fast at the rate of about 2 cm per year
(D) Their body is composed of both algal and fungal cells
102. Which cell organelles reduces the number of other organelles?
(A) Oxysome (B) Mitochondria
(C) Lysosome (D) None of these
103. In banana, the edible part is
(A) fleshy epicarp
(B) rudimentary mesocarp and fleshy endocarp
(C) pericarp
(D) rudimentary endocarp and fleshy mesocarp
104. Pollination occurring in a closed flower is
(A) Dicliny (B) Protogyny
(C) Allogamy (D) Cleistogamy
105. Which of the following is not a producer?
(A) Spirogyra (B) Agaricus (C) Volvox (D) Nostoc
106. In tissue culture, single germinating pollen grain will form a plant that is
(A) diploid (B) haploid (C) triploid (D) tetraploid
107. Edaphic factor refers to
(A) water (B) soil
(C) relative humidity (D) altitude

MBBS / BDS / B.Sc. Nursing/ Biotech – Dual Degree – (Set-A)
1. Dimensional formula for magnetic dipole moment is
(A) [L2 T-2] (B) [L T A ] (C) [L2 A] (D) [L2 T2 A-1]
2. The percentage error in the determination of g from a simple pendulum experiment when effective length and time periods are measured with errors 4% and 3% respectively. Then the percentage error in g is
(A) 7 (B) 10 (C) 2 (D) 1
3. A car travels half the distance at a speed 40 kmph and the rest half at a speed 60 kmph. The average speed of the car is
(A) 60 kmph (B) 52 kmph
(C) 48 kmph (D) 40 kmph
4. An aeroplane flying horizontally at a speed of 98 ms-1 releases an object which reaches the ground in 10 s. The angle made by the velocity of the object with the horizontal at the time of hitting the ground is
(A) 300 (B) 450 (C) 600 (D) 750
5. Water flows in a horizontal capillary tube. The flow velocity is
(A) same throughout the cross-section of the tube
(B) maximum near the cylindrical wall of the tube and minimum at the middle of the cross-section
(C) same throughout the cross-section except at the middle
(D) zero at the cylindrical wall maximum at the middle

B.Tech (Lateral Entry)
41. A parallel plate capacitor has a capacitance of 2&F. If one of the sides of the plate is doubled and the distance between them is halved, the capacitance of the capacitor is
(A) 1&F (B) 0.5&F
(C) 2&F (D) 8&F
42. 1 µF capacitor is connected across a 12 volt battery, its steady state current will be
(A) Zero (B) 0.001A
(C) 1mA (D) 5
43. Two resistors each of 4 ohm are connected in parallel. The parallel combination is connected in series with a 2 ohm resistor. If this circuit is connected across a 100Volt supply, the total current drawn is
(A) 20A (B) 25A
(C) 10A (D) 16.33A
44. Current flowing through an inductor of inductance 2mH is 5A. The energy stored in the inductor is
(A) 50mJ (B) 100mJ
(C) 25mJ (D) 12.5mJ
45. A 1mA ammeter has a resistance of 100ohm. It is to be converted to 1 Amp ammeter. The value of the shunt resistance is
(A) 0.001 ohm (B) 0.1001 ohm
(C) 100000 ohm (D) 100 ohm

81. In SI Units ,the units of force and power are respectively
(A) Newton and watt
(B) Newton and Pascal
(C) Newton and Joule
(D) Newton and Hertz
82. A number of forces acting at a point will be in equilibrium if
(A) their total sum is zero
(B) sum of the components of this forces resolved in any two mutually perpendicular direction are equal
(C) sum of the components of the forces resolved in any two mutually perpendicular directions are zero each
(D) all the forces are having the same direction.

3. A coil having a resistance of 15 ohms and an inductance of 10 henries is connected to 90 volts supply .The value of current after 2 seconds is
(A) 5.345 amp (B) 5.00 amp
(C) 45.6 amp (D) None of these

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  7. A coil having a resistance of 15 ohms and an inductance of 10 henries is connected to 90 volts supply .The value of current after 2 seconds is
    (A) 5.345 amp (B) 5.00 amp
    (C) 45.6 amp (D) None of these

  8. Can I change exam date of kiitee after booking slot ?

    1. No. It is not possible but, you can try your best.

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  10. I want to know about full details of KIIT.

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    1. For 2016, sample question paper and notification is not yet announced.

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    I want to take arts. So how many marks I have to secure for kiit selection.

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    1. Sample question papers are available in the above link.

    2. From where did you find S.P. of kiitee?

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