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PC-PMT 2015 Pattern & Scheme of Entrance Exam PCPMT Private Colleges Pre Medical Test : MBBS/BDS Rajasthan

Organisation : Federation of Private Medical & Dental Colleges of Rajasthan
Announcement : Pattern & Scheme of Entrance Exam
Entrance Exam : All India Private Colleges Pre Medical Test [PC-PMT – 2015] PCPMT Admission MBBS/BDS

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All India PCPMT 2015 For admission to MBBS / BDS
Pattern and Scheme of the PC-PMT-2015 Entrance Examination: –
The proposed entrance examination will be of All India Character and students not only from Rajasthan domicile but also from any part of India as well as Foreign Nationals / NRI’s are eligible to appear in this PC-PMT 2015 provided that the candidates fulfil other eligibility criteria for admission to MBBS & BDS courses as per the rules and regulations of the MCI & DCI.

Standard for Examination:
The standard of questions in the paper shall be broadly based on ten plus two (10+2) Higher / Senior Secondary examination of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

Written Entrance Examination:
PC-PMT-2015 shall consist of a written exam on 31-05-2015 (02:00 P.M to 05:00 P.M.). In the entrance examination, a candidate must secure minimum of marks at 50th percentile in PC-PMT 2015 Test held for the said academic year. However, in respect of candidate belonging to SC/ST/OBC/SBC the minimum marks shall be at 40th percentile. In respect of General Candidate with locomotive disability of lower limbs, the minimum marks shall be at 45th percentile. The percentile shall be determined on the basis of highest marks secured in merit list of PC-PMT 2015 for admission to MBBS/BDS Courses.

Pattern of Entrance exam, question paper:
The entrance examination shall be conducted in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology (Botany & Zoology) of 10+2 level. The above question paper will be both in English & Hindi Medium. The question paper will be based on the standard mentioned above.

The question paper for the entrance examination will comprise of 200, one-bestchoice- out-of-four type Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs).

The number of questions shall be
Physics – 50
Chemistry – 50
Biology – 100 (50 Botany + 50 Zoology)

The candidate is required to answer 200 MCQs in 3 hours. Each question shall carry equal marks.
** Question paper will be both in English & Hindi Medium.
** There will be Negative Marking (‘+4’ marks shall be awarded for each correct answer, ‘-1’ mark for a wrong answer, and ‘0’ for un-attempted question.)

Answering Method:
The candidates appearing in the entrance examination will be given a separate self carboned two part OMR answer sheet, one of which will be the main sheet and remaining will be the carbon copies. The candidates shall be allowed to take the third copy of the answer sheet after the examination is over.

The answer sheet used will be of special type OMR sheet and will be scanned by an Optical Scanner.

The format of the Answer sheet that will be found placed inside the examination booklet is given in this booklet. On the answer sheet there are 200 rows of four circles each. One row pertains to one question. Candidates are advised to go through the format of the answer sheet carefully and be conversant with the requirements of giving particulars and marking the answers.

Following Precautions to be taken while filling up the OMR sheet:
1. Use only Blue/Black ball point pen.
2. Do not make rough work on the OMR sheet.
3. Make entries only in the space provided in the sheet. Do not make any stray marks elsewhere in the sheet.
4. Darken the circles completely and evenly. If the correct answer, circle is marked by line, cross, dot etc., computer will not read them correctly for which candidates will be responsible.
5. Only one circle shall be fully darkened for each answer using BLUE/BLACK BALL PEN as shown in the example on the OMR Answer Sheet. If any candidate darkens more than one circle his / her answer will be treated as wrong.
6. Method to darken the oval correctly.

The OMR answer sheet contains the following columns (mentioned below), which are to be filled in neatly and accurately by the candidate with blue/black ball point pen only. Roll number (5 digit), test booklet number (5 digit), Booklet Code (A, B, C, D), Category (GEN., PH, SC, ST, OBC, SBC), Domicile (Rajasthan or Out of Rajasthan), Name of the center, date of examination and signature of the candidate. Sealed Answers booklet will be distributed to the candidate. The seal shall be broken / opened by the candidates after being instructed by the supervisor or examination invigilator. Please do not open / break the seal before the announcement in the examination hall.

The candidates shall write and mark his / her rolls number and put his / her signature in the space provided.

The Question booklet contains 200 questions and each question carries four answers marked A, B, C & D, out of which only one is correct. On Receipt of the Test Booklet, the candidate should immediately check it and ensure that it contains all pages i.e. two hundred questions. Discrepancy, if any should be reported by the candidate to the invigilator within 10 minutes of receiving the test booklet.

Paper shall be of 800 marks and shall contain 200 objective type questions. Each question shall have four options to answer, out of which only one shall be correct. ‘+4’ marks shall be awarded for each correct answer, ‘-1’ mark for a wrong answer, and ‘0’ for un-attempted question. All circles will be empty in the OMR answer sheets supplied in the examination hall. The candidate should darken only one circle corresponding to the correct answer. No change in the answer once marked is allowed. If more then one circles are found darkened for the answer of one question, it will be deemed as incorrect response and shall be negatively marked (“-1” mark shall be awarded for such incorrect response).

The candidate shall not indicate the answer in any other way i.e. tick mark, cross, dot line etc. as these will not be accepted and the answer will be treated as wrong. The candidates are also instructed not to make any stray marks on the Answer Sheet. If more than one circle is darkened or if the response is marked in a wrong manner it shall be treated as wrong answer.

The candidates shall not do any rough work or writing work on the Answer Sheet and all rough work shall be done in the empty sheets provided in the examination Booklet.

The order of question is not the same in all Examination Booklet and the pages are jumbled. So candidates are instructed not to change their Examination Booklet during the examination. The candidates are not allowed to take the Examination Booklet along with them after the completion of the examination. All the candidates shall leave both the Answer Sheet and the Examination Booklet in the examination hall on their allotted seats.

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  1. Only the syllabus of +2 is coming in PCPMT 2015?

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