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State Eligibility Test SET Question Paper LBS Centre for Science & Technology Kerala :

Organisation : LBS Centre for Science & Technology Kerala
Announcement : Question Paper
Entrance Test : State Eligibility Test SET June – 2015

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ENGLISH 2013 June

Question Papers :

1. In which year was the King James Version of the Bible first published?
A) 1526 B) 1535 C) 1539 D) 1611

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LBS Kerala SET 2015 Syllabus State Eligibility Test June :

2. To which of the following does Gorboduc belong?
A) Morality Plays
B) Senecan Tragedy
C) Farce
D) Aristotelian Tragedy

3. The Parliament of Fowls was written by ———-.
A) Chaucer
B) Philip Sidney
C) Shakespeare
D) John Fletcher

4. The first story in the Canterbury Tales sequence is ————.
A) The Miller’s Tale
B) The Wife of Bath’s Tale
C) The Knight’s Tale
D) The Squire’s Tale

5. Who among the following was described as the “poets’ poet” by the Romantics?
A) Ben Jonson
B) Edmund Spenser
C) Philip Sidney
D) John Milton

6. Who is the author of the prose romance, Arcadia?
A) Robert Sidney
B) Philip Sidney
C) Edmund Spenser
D) Thomas More

7. “. . . a thought to Donne was an experience. It modified his sensibility.” Whose words are these?
A) Samuel Johnson
B) Matthew Arnold
C) T. S. Eliot
D) John Dryden

8. Tottel’s Miscellany is a 16th century collection of ———-.
A) Poetic works
B) Essays
C) Drama
D) Short stories

9. The Chester, York, Wakefield cycles of plays refer to the ———- of the 14th century.
A) Masques
B) Interludes
C) Morality plays
D) Miracle plays

10. “. . . his laboring brain/Begets a world of idle fantasies/To overreach the devil.” Who is being referred to here?
A) Faustus
B) Gaveston
C) Barabas
D) Tamburlaine

11. Who set up the first printing press in England?
A) Richard Tottel
B) Thomas Norton
C) William Caxton
D) Johanes Gutenberg

12. “Reading maketh a Full Man; Conference a Ready Man; and Writing an Exact Man.” Whose words are these?
A) Joseph Addison
B) Richard Steele
C) Thomas More
D) Francis Bacon

13. John Heywood’s importance in English literature lies in his short dramatic ———–.
A) Farces
B) Satires
C) Poems
D) Interludes

14. Thomas More’s contemplative vision of the ideal is presented in ———–.
A) Epistola ad Pomeranum
B) Dialogue of Comfort against Tribulation
C) Utopia
D) Encomium Moriae

15. Name the 17th century playwright who is also famous as a writer of masques.
A) Ben Jonson
B) Christopher Marlowe
C) Thomas Nashe
D) Robert Greene

16. Thomas Traherne, George Herbert, Richard Crashaw and Henry Vaughan belong to the group of writers called ————.
A) The University Wits
B) The Metaphysical Poets
C) The Utilitarians
D) The University Mummers

17. Which one of the following poems does not make use of the carpe diem motif?
A) “To Daffodils”
B) “To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time”
C) “Corinna’s Going a-Maying”
D) “To His Coy Mistress”

18. Who among the following was not part of the group called the ‘University Wits’?
A) Christopher Marlowe
B) Robert Greene
C) Ben Jonson
D) George Peele

19. Religio Medici, Pseudodoxia Epidemica and The Garden of Cyrus are works by ————.
A) John Locke
B) Francis Bacon
C) Thomas Hobbes
D) Thomas Browne

20. Thomas Hobbes was a ———— of the 17th century.
A) Poet
B) Playwright
C) Painter
D) Philosopher

21. The title of Wilson Knight’s The Wheel of Fire comes from the play ————.
A) Othello
B) King Lear
C) Macbeth
D) Hamlet

22. His “legs bestrid the ocean” and his “rear’d arm crested the world.” Who is referred to here?
A) Julius Caesar
B) Octavius Caesar
C) Mark Antony
D) Coriolanus

23. Who called Shakespeare “an upstart crow beautified with our feathers”?
A) Robert Greene
B) Ben Jonson
C) Christopher Marlowe
D) Thomas Rymer

24. Who plays the character of poor Tom in King Lear?
A) Edgar
B) The Fool
C) Kent
D) Edmund

25. Which one of these is not a source for the play Hamlet?
A) Thomas Kyd
B) Saxo Grammaticus
C) F. de Belleforest
D) Plutarch

26. Which Shakespeare play has 2 sets of identical twin brothers with the same names?
A) The Two Gentlemen of Verona
B) The Comedy of Errors
C) Twelfth Night
D) Love’s Labours Lost

27. ———– is generally considered to be Shakespeare’s final tragedy.
A) Othello
B) Macbeth
C) Coriolanus
D) Hamlet

28. Shakespeare collaborated with ———— in writing Henry VIII and The Two Noble Kinsmen.
A) Thomas Dekker
B) John Marston
C) John Fletcher
D) Thomas Middleton

29. Which Shakespearean character is the “Moor of Venice”?
A) Othello
B) Antonio
C) Iago
D) Enobarbus

30. The first work of Shakespeare to be printed under his own name is ————-.
A) A Lover’s Complaint
B) The Rape of Lucrece
C) Venus and Adonis
D) The Comedy of Errors

31. The plays Pericles, Cymbeline, The Tempest and The Winter’s Tale are generally called ————-.
A) Problem Plays
B) Comedies
C) Tragicomedies
D) Romances

32. The notion that Shakespeare’s works were better read and studied rather than performed was part of ————-.
A) Victorian criticism
B) Early Romantic criticism
C) Twentieth century criticism
D) Neoclassical criticism

33. “Most friendship is feigning, most loving mere folly,” sings _______.
A) Jaques
B) Amiens
C) Touchstone
D) Silvius

34. Name the protagonist referred to in the title of the play The Merchant of Venice
A) Antonio
B) Shylock
C) Bassanio
D) Petruccio

35. ———– is generally considered to be the last play that Shakespeare wrote.
A) Timon of Athens
B) Troilus and Cressida
C) The Tempest
D) The Winter’s Tale

36. The play within the play in Hamlet is called ————.
A) ‘The Pageant of Nine Worthies’
B) ‘The Murder of Gonzago’
C) ‘The Mousetrap’
D) ‘Pyramus and Thisbe’

37. “I am not only witty in myself, but the cause that wit is in other men.” Identify the speaker.
A) Feste
B) Touchstone
C) Dogberry
D) Falstaff

38. “He was not of an age, but for all time.” Who said this of Shakespeare?
A) John Lyly
B) Thomas Heywood
C) Ben Jonson
D) Marlowe

39. Which critic wrote The Elizabethan World Picture?
A) EMW Tillyard
B) J Dover Wilson
C) LC Knights
D) G Wilson Knight

40. In which year was Shakespeare’s sonnets first published as a quarto edition?
A) 1616
B) 1605
C) 1599
D) 1609

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