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LEET Sample Questions Paper Lateral Entry Second Year Admission Of UG Programme TU

Organisation : Thapar University
Entrance Exam : Lateral Entry Second Year Admission Of UG Programme LEET
Facility : Sample Questions PAPER

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Sample Questions PAPER :
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TU LEET Sample Questions Paper

Paper – 1(GENERAL)


1. The earth receives solar radiation, from which one can find the temperature of the surface of the sun. The approximate temperature of sun’s surface is

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(A) 600 K
(B) 900 K
(C) 60,000 K
(D) 6,000 K

2. The characteristics of a fuse wire should be
(A)low resistivity and high melting point.
(B) high resistivity and high melting point.
(C)high resistivity and low melting point.
(D) low resistivity and low melting point.


1. When HCl gas is passed through a saturated brine solution, NaCl is precipitated because
(A) NaCl is not soluble in acidic solution.
(B) Solubility product of NaCl decreases in presence of H+ ion.
(C) Saturated solution cannot hold any more solute, hence NaCl precipitates.
(D) In presence of Cl- ion, ionic concentration exceeds solubility product of NaCl, therefore NaCl separates out.

2. When 13.5 gm of Al is deposited on passing current through molten Alumina, the number of faradays of electricity consumed would be
(A) 0.5
(B) 1.0
(C) 1.5
(D) 2.0


1. If the quadratic equation (a2+b2)x2+2b(a+c)x+(b2+c2)=0 has equal roots, then
(A) a, b and c are in A.P.
(B)a, b and c are in G.P.
(C) a, c and b are in A.P.
(D) a, c and b are in G.P.

2. If the angles of a triangle ABC are in the ratio 1:2:3, then a:b:c is
(A) 1 : ?3 : 2
(B) 1 : ?2 : ?3
(C) 1 : 2 : 5
(D) 1 : 2?2 : 3


1. Choose the appropriate antonym for the following : “Fundamental”
(A) superfluous
(B) superficial
(C) profound
(D) particular

2. Choose the most appropriate ACTIVE form for the PASSIVE sentence given below
PASSIVE : “They are likely to be punished”
(A) It is likely that they will be punished.
(B) It is likely for someone to punish them.
(C) It is likely that someone will punish them.
(D) Someone is likely to punish them.


Computer Engineering

1. The structure of the Colpitts oscillator is related to the
(A) Hartley oscillator
(B) Wein Bridge oscillator
(C) Phase shift oscillator
(D) Square wave oscillator

2. Microprogramming refers to
(A) Developing software for a small computer, like a palmtop.
(B) Programming in any situations where the memory available is very low
(C) Control programs for controlling gates within a CPU.
(D) Writing programs in assembly language.

Civil Engineering

1. A combined footing is generally used when
(A) Number of columns is more than two and they are spaced far apart.
(B) Number of columns is two and they are spaced far close to each other.
(C) Number of columns is two and they are spaced far apart.
(D) There is only one column.

2. In slow sand filters, the rate of filtration of water is in the range of
(A) 175-250 lits/sqm/hr
(B) 500-1000 lits/sqm/hr
(C) 1000-5000 lits/sqm/kr
(D) 6000-10,000 lits/sqm/hr

Mechanical Engineering

1. When fluid flows in a pipe, the Nusselt number can be calculated from the relation
(A) V.D.?/?
(B) ?.Cp/K
(C) h.D/K
(D) K.D/Cp

2. Angle of torsion refers to the
(A) Maximum angle by which the shaft bends during power transmission.
(B) Angle through which one end of a shaft will twist relative to the other end.
(C) Angular velocity of the shaft in radians.
(D) Angular moment at the cross section.

Chemical Engineering/Biotechnology

1. Stainless steel 316 contains
(A) 18% chromium and 11% nickel
(B) 16% chromium and 13% nickel
(C) 11% chromium and 18% nickel
(D) No chromium and 8% nickel.

2. The viscosity of a liquid
(A) Is directly proportional to temperature.
(B) Is inversely proportional to temperature.
(C) Is directly proportional to the square root of temperature
(D) Is inversely proportional to the square root of temperature.

1. A direct coupled amplifier has a gain of 1000 and 3 dB frequency of 1000 KHz.
What is its unity gain frequency?
(A) 100 KHz
(B) 1000 KHz
(C) 108 Hz
(D) 10 KHz

Electrical Engineering

1. For parallel operation of two alternators, which of the following factor(s) should be identical for both?
(A) Voltage only
(B) Frequency
(C) Phase sequence
(D) All of the above.

2. Mark the correct answer below as the load on an induction motor is increased upto full load
PF | Slip | Efficiency :
(A) increases increases increases
(B) decreases increases increases
(C) decreases decreases decreases
(D) increases decreases decreases

I) For BSc (Non-Medical) holders :
Duration of test: 180 minutes (150 Questions)
Physics (40 Questions) Chemistry (40 Questions) Mathematics (40 Questions) and English & Reasoning (30 Questions)

1/4th marks shall be deducted for wrong answer.

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