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Sandip University Nashik SUNPET 2018 SUN Ph.D Entrance Test

Organisation : Sandip University, Nashik (SUN)
Entrance Exam : SUNPET 2018 SUN Ph.D. Entrance Test
Date of Examination : 04th March 2018
Application Form :
Home Page :

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Sandip University Ph.D Entrance Test

Applications are invited for admission to Ph.D Programme at Sandip University, Nashik (SUN)

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Important Date

Last Date for Submission of Application Form 16th February 2018 (by 05.00 PM)
Announcement of short-listed Candidates for SUN Ph.D. Entrance Test (SUNPET) 20th February 2018
Conduction of SUNPET 04th March 2018(Sunday)
Announcement of Candidates invited for Personal Interview 07th March 2018
Conduction of Personal Interview 10th March 2018
Announcement of Selected Candidates 13th March 2018
Date of Admission 15th March 2018

Instructions :
1. Please refer to before filling up this form.
2. All columns to be filled only in CAPITAL LETTERS.
3. Please enclose attested photocopies of certificates with this application form.

Enclosures (Attested copy)

a. SSC or Equivalent Certificate. Yes/No
b. 10+2/HSC Certificate. Yes/No
c. UG Degree Certificates. Yes/No
d. PG Degree Certificates. Yes/No/NA
e. UG Statement of marks for all the Semester/Years. Yes/No
f. PG Statement of marks for all the Semester/Years. Yes/No/NA
g. Certificate/ Mark sheet of additional examinations (Please refer Sr No.7) Yes/No/NA
h. Transfer Certificate from the Institution last attended. Yes/No
i. Caste Certificate and Validity certificate. Yes/No/NA
j. Character/Conduct Certificate from the Institution last attended. Yes/No
k. One-page write-up about the proposed area of research (Please refer Sr.No.4-c)Yes/No
l. Copies of Research Paper Publications, if any. Yes/No
m. Photocopy of Identity Proof (AADHAR CARD/PAN CARD) Yes/No
o. No Objection Certificate from Employer Yes/No/NA
p. Experience Certificates Yes/No/NA

The completed application together with the necessary enclosures should reach to the following address on or before the last date mentioned in advertisement –
(The application form may be submitted to the office of Dean (Research) in person also.
The Dean (Research),
Sandip University Nashik
Trimbak Road, Mahiravani, Nashik, Maharashtra, India
PIN 422 213


1. Inorganic Chemistry
a) Chemical periodicity
b) Structure and bonding in homo- and heteronuclear molecules (VSEPR)
c) Concepts of acids and bases,
d) Main group elements and their compounds.
e) Transition elements and coordination compounds.
f) Organometallic compounds: synthesis, bonding and structure, and reactivity. applications.
g) Analytical chemistry- Chromatography, Spectroscopic, Electro-analytical techniques
h) Bioinorganic chemistry
i) Nuclear chemistry

2. Physical Chemistry:
a) Atomic Structure
b) Basic principles of quantum mechanics: Postulates; operators
c) Chemical bonding in diatomics;
d) Chemical applications of group theory
e) Molecular spectroscopy: IR and Raman and its application.
f) Chemical thermodynamics
g) Physical Photochemistry
h) Electrochemistry
i) Chemical kinetics
j) Colloids and surfaces.
k) Solid state: Crystal structures; Bragg’s law and applications; band structure of solids.

3. Organic Chemistry
a) IUPAC nomenclature of organic molecules.
b) Stereochemistry: Nomenclature
c) Aromaticity: Aromatic, Non-aromatic, Antiaromatic.
d) Organic reactive intermediates.
e) Organic reaction mechanisms: addition, elimination and substitution reactions with electrophilic, nucleophilic or radical species.
f) Common named reactions and rearrangements.
g) Organic transformations and reagents: oxidizing and reducing agents.
h) Pericyclic reactions and Photochemistry– electrocyclisation, cycloaddition, sigmatropic rearrangements.
i) Chemistry of Biomacromolecules: Carbohydrates, proteins, fatty acids, nucleic acids,
j) Organic Spectroscopy: IR, UV-Vis, 1H &13C NMR and Mass spectroscopic techniques.

4. Interdisciplinary topics
a) Chemistry in nanoscience
b) Green chemistry and Environmental chemistry
c) Medicinal chemistry.

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