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National Entrance Exam 2015 Sample Test Paper BA / BBA, B.Com(Hons) : Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University

University : Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University
Entrance : BA / BBA, B.Com(Hons) National Entrance Exam 2015
Facility : Sample Entrance Test paper

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PDPU Sample Test Paper


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** Please open the Question Paper only when you are instructed to do so.
** Rough work may be done in the margin of the Question Paper only.
** Answer Sheet is provided separately.
** Please use HB pencil to blacken your choice of answer.
** The Question Paper has to be returned with the Answer Sheet attached.

Question Paper Format

This paper carries 4 sections. :
The number of questions in each section are:

Section 1 General Studies

1. Name the Chief Minister who doesnt speak his own state languages).
A. Naveen Patnaik B. K. Siddaramaiah C. Tarun Kumar Gogoi D. Prithviraj Chavan

2. The popular mobile phone brand Nokiais from which country?
A. Japan B. South Korea C. Italy D. Finland

3. The headquarters of the United Nations is
A. Paris B. New York C. Amsterdam D. London

4. The currency of Indonesia is
B. Ringgit C. Takka D. Rupiah

5. Which among the following country is the host of 2018 Commonwealth Games?
A. Canada B. England C. Australia D. New Zealand

6. When a wave goes from one place to another, it transports
A. Matter B. Energy C. Mass D. None of these

7. The Worlds highest mountain is in
A. India B. China C. Nepal D. Bhutan

8. Which of the following river flows through a riftvalley?
A. Ganga B. Brahmaputra C. Narmada D. Krishna

9. The headquarters of Red Cross is in
A. Geneva B. Tegucigalpa C. Rome D. Washington DC.

10. Maastricht treaty led to the formation of

11. Name the place where Gautam Buddha was born.
A. Bodh Gaya B. Lumbini C. Kushinagar D. Rajgrih

12. The 1st network that initiated the Internet was?
A. Vnet B. Inet C. ARPANET D. NSFNet

13. Chanakya was the prime minister of
A. Chandra Gupta B. Chandra Gupta II C. Chandra Gupta Maurya D. Ashoka

14. Hockey was introduced in the Asian Games in
A. 1958 in Tokyo B. 1962 in Jakarta C. 1966 in Bangkok D. 1970 in Bangkok

15. The headquarter of R… is situated at?
A. Delhi B. Kolkata C. Mumbai D. Chennai

16. Which is the headquarters of Dadra and Nagar Havelio
B. Kothar C. Silvasa D. Kabarati

17. Who was the founder of Arya Samaj?
A. Govinda Ranade B. Dayanand Saraswati C. Raja Ram Mohan Roy D. Swami Vivekananda

18. In whose reign was brought out the Fatawai-Alamgiri the greatest digest of Muslim Law in India?
A. Akbar B. Aurangzeb C. Mohd. Bin Tughlaq D. Babur

19. Name the founder of the whistleblower website Wikileaks.
A. Julian Assange B. Navi Pillay C. Phillip Adams D. Ben Laurie

20. Where is Interview Island” located?
A. Maldives Islands B. Kuril Islands C. Andaman Islands D. Lakshadweep Islands

31. Who is the president of China?
A. Hu Jintao B. Xi Jinping C. Li Keqiang

32. Who own Australian Grand Slam, 2013, in male category?
A. Novak Djokovic B. Andy Murray C. Rafael Nadal

33. The Cathode, Anode, Ion and Electrode was coined by
A. Michael Faraday B. Einstein C. Hovel

35. Which state government is in trouble today on the issue of shifting of tigers?
A. Orissa B. Gujarat C. Jharkhand

36. The Constitution of India was adopted in
A. 1948 B. 1949 C. 1950

38. What is the unit of Sound?
A. Newton B. Joule C. Calorie

39. Which Zone wins Deodhar Trophy, 2013
A. North Zone B. South Zone C. West Zone

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