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Organisation : J&K Board Of Professional Entrance Examinations Jammu Kashmir
Announcement : Recent Year Question Paper
Entrance Examination : MD/MS/PG Diploma/MDS-2015 Entrance Test Admission
Reference Number : Notification No. 01-BOPEE of 2015

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MD/MS/PG Diploma Entrance Test 2014
Paper – l (Pre-Clinical and Para-Clinical)
Maximum Time Allowed: 2 Hours
No. of Questions : 150
Maximum Marks: 150

Please read the following instructions carefully:
1) Check the booklet thoroughly: in case of any defect Misprint, Missing question(s) or duplication of question(s) i Pageis) get the booklet changed with the booklet of the same series from the Room Invigilator. No complaint shall be entertained after the entrance test.
2) Write your Roll Number and the OMR Answer Sheet Number on the question booklet.
3) Mark carefully your Roll Number, Question Booklet Number, Paper Code, Question Booklet Series and Course on the OMR Answer Sheet and sign at the appropriate place. Incomplete andior incorrect particulars will result in the non-evaluation of your answer sheet.
4) Strictly follow the instructions given by the Centre Supervisor l Room lnvigilator and those given on the Question Booklet.
5) Candidates are not allowed to carry any papers, notes, books, calculators, cellular phones, scanning devices, pagers etc. to the Examination Hall. Any candidate found using, or in possession of such unauthorized material, indulging in copying or impersonation or adopting unfair means i reporting later without Admit Card will be debarred from the written test.
6) Please mark the right responses on the OMR Sheet with ONLY a BlueiBlack ball point pen. Use of eraser, whitener (fluid) and cutting on the OMR Answer Sheet is NOT allowed.
7) The test is of objective type containing multiple choice questions [MCQsl Each objective question is followed by four responses. Your task is to choose the correctibest response and mark your response on the OMR Answer Sheet and NOT on the Question Booklet.

Which one of the foilowing statements about the peptide shown below is correct?
(A) The peptide contains a majority of amino acids with basic side chains
(B) it contains glutamine
(C) it can form an internal disulphide bond
(D) it is giycated

The drug that acts primarily on a receptor located in the membrane of the effector nerve or muscle cell is
(A) Clonidine
(B) Cocaine
(C) Tyramine
(D) Amphetamine

Aikaptoriuric patients exhibit
(A) Mousy odour of urine
(B) Darkening of urine on standing
(C) Excretion of imidazole pyruvate in urine
(D) Fruity odour of urine

Corynebacterium diphtherise can be cultivated on:
(A) Neomycin blood agar
(B) Loefflers serum slope
(C) Aronsons medium
(D) Ashdown‘s medium

Chromosomal pattern of Turners Syndrome
(A) XO
(D) xxx

As per Fick‘s law of diffusion, the diffusion of lipid soluble substances across a membrane would increase with an increase in any of the following EXCEPT:
(A) Temperature of solution
(B) Area of the membrane
(C) Size of particles
(D) Concentration gradient of the particles

The lateral cutaneous nerve of the forearm is the continuation of
(A) Axillary nerve
(B) Radial nerve
(C) Median nerve
(D) Musculocutaneous nerve

All the following are oncogenic viruses EXCEPT
(A) Human papilioma virus
(B) Epstein Barr virus
(C) Hepatitis B virus
(d) Cytomegalovirus

The persistent suppression of bacterial growth that may occur following limited exposure to some anti- microbial drugs is called
(A) Time dependent killing
(B) Sequential blockade
(C) Concentration dependent killing
(D) The ‘post-antibiotic effect‘

In the intestine and tastes. glucose transporter (GLUT 5) is the primary transporter for
(A) Glucose
(B) Galactose
(C) Fructose
(D) Mannose

The following antimicrobials act on the cell wall ofthe bacteria
(A) Chloramphenicol
(B) Ciprofloxacin
(C) lmipenem
(D) Rifampicin

Which of the following anti-seizure drugs is likely to elevate the plasma concentration of other concomitantly administered drugs?
(A) Carbamazepine
(B) Phenobarbitone
(C) Phenytoin
(D) Valproic acid

Thiamine pyrophosphate is required as a coenzyme for all of the following enzymes EXCEPT
(A) Transketolase
(B) Sorbitoi dehydrogenase
(C) Pyruvate dehydrogenase
(D) Alpha-ketogtutarate dehydrogenase

Primary visual cortex is retated to
(A) Calcarine sulcus
(B) Central sulcus
(C) Lateral sulcus
(D) Collateral sulcus

The primary mechanism moving water molecules from the blood plasma to the interstitial fluid is:
(A) Active transport
(B) Facilitaled diffusion
(C) Co-transport with Na+
(D) Filtration

Which of the following is NOT a prominent effect of atropine at therapeutic doses?
(A) Dryness of mouth
(B) Constrictlon of pupils
(C) Tachycardia
(D) Difficulty in micturition

The middle cardiac vein lies in
(A) Anterior atrioventricular sulcus
(B) Posterior atrioventricular sulcus
(C) Posterior interventricular sulcus
(D) Anterior interventricular sulcus

The most common cause of fungal meningitis in Htv patients is:
(A) Coccidioides immitis
(B) Candida albicans
(C) Aspergillus fumigatus
(D) Cryptococcus neoformans

Which of the fotlowing is an androgen receptor antagonist?
(A) Flutamide
(B) Stanozotol
(C) Nadrolone
(D) Danazol

Which of the following fetal abnormalities is most likely to be found when there is a dietary deprivation of green leafy vegetables during pregnancy?
(A) Anencephaly
(B) Diaphragmatic hernia
(C) Low birth weight
(D) Neuroblastoma

The normal brown-red color of feces results from the presence of
(A) Stercobilinogen
(B) Urobiiin
(C) Bilirubin diglucuronide
(D) Coproporphyrin

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