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SRM University : SRMJEEE 2016 Model Questions Joint Engineering Entrance Examination B.Tech Admission

Organisation : SRM University
Announcement : Model Questions
Entrance Exam : SRMJEEE 2016 SRM Joint Engineering Entrance Examination

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Part1: Physics
1. The mean time period of a simple pendulum is 1.92 s. Mean absolute error in the time period is 0.05 s.

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To express the maximum estimate of error, the time period should be written as:
(a) T = (1.92 ±0.01)s
(b) T = (1.92 ±0.25)s
(c) T = (1.92 ±0.05)s
(d) T = (1.92 ±0.10)s
2. An aeroplane travelling at a speed of 500 kmph tilts at an angle of 30o as it makes a turn. What is the radius of the curve?
(a) 341 km
(b) 3.41 km
(c) 0.341 km
(d) 34.1 km
3. A bullet of mass 10gm moving with a speed of 500 m/s gets embedded in a tree after penetrating 5cm into it. Calculate the average retarding force exerted by the wood on the bullet and the work done by the wood in bringing the bullet to stop.
(a) 25 N, 12.50 joule
(b) 250 N, 1250 joule
(c) 25 KN, 1.250 joule
(d) 25 KN, 1250 joule
4. In which one of the following cases will the liquid flow in a pipe be most stream lined?
(a) Liquid of high viscosity and high density flowing through a pipe of small radius.
(b) Liquid of high viscosity and low density flowing through a pipe of small radius.
(c) Liquid of low viscosity and low density flowing through a pipe of large radius
(d) Liquid of low viscosity and high density flowing through a pipe of large radius
5. For the same pressure and density, the speed of sound is highest in a
(a) Monoatomic gas
(b) Diatomic gas
(c) Triatomic gas
(d) Polyatomic gas

Part 2 : Chemistry
6. Azidothymidine drug is used for treating ________ patients
(a) Diabetes
(b) AIDS
(c) Jaundice
(d) Tuberculosis
7. What is the value of gas constant R in Jmol-1 K-1
(a) 82.1
(b) 8.314×102
(c) 8.314
(d) 0.0821
8. Which is an example of effusion?
(a) air slowly escaping from a pinhole in a tire
(b) the aroma of a cooling pie spreading across a room
(c) helium dispersing in to a room after a ballon pops
(d) oxygen and gasoline fumes mixing in an automobile carburetor
9. The most electronegative and electropositive elements of the first period is/are
(a) H and He
(b) Na and Cl
(c) Li and F
(d) H and H
10. Mean distance between atoms is in the range of
(a) 25 nm
(b) 2.5 nm
(c) 0.25 nm
(d) 0.025 nm

Part 3 : Maths
11. If A is a square matrix of order 3 then the true statement is
(a) det(-A) = -det A
(b) det A = 0
(c) det (A+I) = I + det A
(d) det (2A) = 2 det A
12. For the equation 3×2+px+3=0, p>0, if one of the roots is square of the other, then p is equal to
(a) 1/3 (b) 1
(c) 3 (d) 2/3
13. The 99th term of the sequence 2,7,14,23,34,…. is
(a) 9998
(b) 9999
(c) 10000
(d) 10001
14. The area bounded by the loop of the curve 4y2 = x2(4-x2) is
(a) 7/3 square units
(b) 8/3 square units
(c) 11/3 square units
(d) 16/3 square units
15. Equations of the bisectors of the lines 3x-4y+7=0 and 12x+5y-2=0 are given by
(a) 21x+77y-101=0, 11x-3y+9=0
(b) 11x-6y+111=0, 22x-13y+104=0
(c) 15x-9y+67=0, 15x+4y+33=0
(d) 20x+72y-109=0, x+5y=2

Part 4 : Biology
16. What is an argument in favor of using embryonic stem cells over adult stem cells?
(a) Embryonic stem cells are never really living.
(b) Embryonic stem cells can differentiate into many more types of cells.
(c) Adult stem cells cannot be cultured.
(d) Adult stem cells reproduce much faster than embryonic stem cells.
17. Which technique is not used in the transfer of gene into fertilized egg or embryo?
(a) Fusion using polyethylene glycol
(b) Hypotonic lysis
(c) Microinjection
(d) Polymerization
18. Totally unrelated plants are brought together in a single group and those that are closely related are placed in widely separated groups in the system of classification given by _________________.
(a) Bentahm and Hooker
(b) Carolus Linnaeus
(c) Engler and Prantl
(d) Charles Darwin
19. Morphologically, a _____________is a group of cells, which are similar in origin, form and function.
(a) tissue
(b) tissue system
(c) organ
(d) organ system
20. The most accepted theory of origin of life is
(a) Special creation theory
(b) Theory of abiogenesis
(c) Oparin haldane theory
(d) Theory of spontaneous generation

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