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CITD ME Entrance Examination 2015 Syllabus : Central Institute of Tool Design

Organisation : Central Institute of Tool Design CITD
Announcement : Syllabus
Entrance Exam : ME Admission Entrance Examination

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Syllabus :
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M.E (Mech. – CAD/CAM)
M.E (Mech. – Tool Design)
M.E (Mech. – Design For Manufacture)

1. Element of Material Science: Ref: V. Raghavan
Structure of Metals, Bonding in solids, imperfections of metals, bonding in solids, imperfections in crystals, fracture, creep, fatigue and corrosion.

2. Engineering Metallurgy: Ref: D. Swarup
Structure of alloys, manufacture of iron and steel, heat treatment of steels, alloy steels, properties and use of common non-ferrous metallurgy, weld ability of metals. Materials used for various applications

3. Kinematics of Machines: Ref: Thomas Bevan
Velocity and acceleration of simple mechanisms with lower pairs, Cam motions and profiles, friction, belt rope and chain drives, toothed gearing and gear trains, brakes and dynamometers.

4. Dynamics of Machines: Ref: (i) Shigley (ii) Thomas Bevan.
Static and dynamic force analysis, flywheels, gyroscopes, vibrations, balancing governess.

5. Design of Machine Elements: Ref: Shigley, J.E.
Design considerations, design of joints, shafts, bearings, couplings, belt drive, gear drive, power screws, springs, cranks, connecting rod, piston, eccentric, cross head and flywheel.

6. Basic Thermodynamics: Ref: Vam Wylen
Thermodynamic system, temperature, work, heat, first law of thermodynamics, ideal gas, gas mixtures, carnot cycles, reversed carnot cycle, C.O.P., second law of thermodynamics and their corrolaries, properties of pure substance, air standard cycles, sychrometry.

7. Reciprocating Engines: Ref: E.H. Lewit, V.L. Malleen
I.C. Engines, classification, working and performance of I.C. Engines, combustion, problems in I.C. Engines, rating of fuels, combustion chambers, reciprocating air compressors and steam refrigeration.

8. Turbo machines and Compressors: Ref: P.L. Ballaney
Flow through turbo machines, rotary blowers and compressors, flow through nozzles, steam turbines, gas turbines, jet propulsion.

9. Heat Transfer: Ref: Gupta and Prakash
Conduction, convection, heat exchangers, radiation, condensation and boiling.

10. Hydraulic Machines: Ref: Jagadishlal
Impact of jets, turbines, centrifugal pumps, reciprocating pumps, ram, accumulator, intensifier.

11. Instrumentation: Ref: R.K. Jain
Basic standards, analysis of experimental data, resistance strain gauge, measurement of displacement, temperature, flow force torque, vibrations, acceleration, pressure measuring transducers, photo elastic stress – strain analysis.

12. Industrial Management: Ref: O.P. Khanna
Industrial organization, plant layout, material handling, production planning and control, materials, management, work studies, inspection, quality control, cost analysis, operations research.

13. Foundry, Welding and Forging: Ref: (i) Rosenthal (ii) O.P. Khanna, (iii) Kovan
Pattern making, moulding, core making melting, cleaning and inspection, heat treatment.

14. Metrology and Machine Tools: Ref: (i) Jain (ii) Chapman
Standards of measurement, limits, fits, gauges, measuring instruments, semi automatic lathes, drilling, shaping, planning, slotting, milling, gear cutting, broaching and grinding machines.

15. Metal Cutting: Ref: Bhattacharya
Physical and thermal aspects of metal cutting, tool wear and tool life, kinematics of machines tools, micro finishing machines ECM, EDM and USM. Plastics, NC machines, jigs and fixtures.

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  1. Let me know if there is any type of sample paper.

    1. I could not find any sample paper in the official website of CITD.

  2. Is there any examples of question papers pattern & Details of total marks for appearing exam?

  3. This was helpful. I couldn’t find the syllabus copy or a PDF File for the ME in Design For Manufacturing (DFM). So can you please mention a link about where can I find the syllabus copy so that I could know what subjects I have to deal with in the course.

    1. Syllabus will be available in the above pdf ie in the prospectus

  4. There is negative marking system

    1. Is there negative marking system in citd entrance exam for mtech?

  5. What is meant by thermodynamics?
    Is there any books for reading c.i.t.d?
    What is the syllabus of CITD entrance exam which will be conducted on 5.7.2015?

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