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Organisation : Galgotias University
Announcement : Model Paper
Entrance Exam : Galgotias Engineering Entrance Examination (GEEE) 2015

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GEEE Galgotias Engineering Entrance Examination 2015 :
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Physics :
A balloon is rising up with a velocity of 30m/s. A stone is dropped from it and it reaches the ground in 15 sec. What is the height of the balloon when the stone was dropped from it?
A) 640m
B) 645m
C) 652.5m
D) 650m

A body of mass 10 kg is moving with a uniform velocity of 100ms-1. What is the force required to stop the body in 10 seconds?
A) -100N
B) +95N
C) +100N
D) -105N

When a body moves in a circular path, no work is done by the force. Why?
A) Force is always acting away from the centre of the body.
B) There is no displacement for the body
C) There is no net force on the body
D) Force and displacement are perpendicular to each other.

A bullet of mass 20g is fired with a velocity of 1200ms-1. After passing through a mud wall of 2m thick, its velocity decreases to 200ms-1. What is the average resistance offered by the mud wall?
A) 7000N
B) -7100N
C) -7000N
D) 7100N

What is the value of escape velocity on a planet having radius 3 times that of earth and on which acceleration due to gravity is three times that on earth?
A) 11.2 kms-1
B) 22.4 kms-1
C) 33.6 kms-1
D) 5.6 kms

A Carnot’s engine absorbs 2000J of heat energy from the source at 500K and rejects 1500J of heat to the sink during each cycle. What will be the efficiency of the engine?
A) 44.44%
B) 33.33%
C) 30%
D) 35%

A hot body and a cold body are kept in vacuum separated from each other. What is the reason for the decrease in temperature of the hot body?
A) Radiation
B) Convection
C) Conduction
D) The temperature of both the bodies remains unchanged.

When will the K.E of a particle executing S.H.M be maximum?
A) When its displacement is equal to Zero
B) When its displacement is equal to Amplitude/4
C) When its displacement is equal to Amplitude/2
D) When its displacement is equal to Amplitude

If 2 resistors 4 and 8 are connected first in series and then in parallel. What is the ratio of their effective resistances?
A) 9:8
B) 3:2
C) 5:3
D) 9:2

Two narrow slits are 0.16 mm apart when they are illuminated by a monochromatic light. Fringes of width 2.7 mm are obtained on the screen 0.6 m away. What is the wavelength of the light used?
A) 5400Å
B) 5395Å
C) 5405Å
D) 5450Å

If an electron has K.E. equal to 100ev .What will be the De-Broglie wavelength of the electron?
A) 1.2Å
B) 1.23Å
C) 1.29Å
D) 1.198Å

An electron transits from 4th to the 2nd orbit in hydrogen atom. What is the name of the region of the special line produced?
A) Far infrared region
B) Visible region
C) Infrared region
D) Ultraviolet region

What type of gate produce a false (0) output when both of its inputs are true (1)?

With fall in temperature, what happens to the forbidden energy gap of a semiconductor?
A) Increases
B) Decreases
C) Remains unchanged
D) Sometimes increases and sometimes decrease

The bandwidth of a signal is 6 KHz and the highest frequency is 54 KHz. What is the lowest frequency?
A) 9 KHz
B) 60 KHz
C) 48 KHz
D) 324 Hz

Ohm’s law is valid when the temperature of the conductor is:
A) Very low
B) Very high
C) Varying
D) Constant

A person using a 90 kg roller on a level surface exerts a force of 253 N at 49 to the ground. What will be the force exerted on the ground by the roller vertically?
A) 691 N
B) 890 N
C) 900 N
D) 592 N

Mathematics :
If the sum of 40 arithmetic mean between two numbers is 120, then the sum of 50 arithmetic mean between them is equal to:
A) 130
B) 160
C) 140
D) 150

What is the next term in the following sequence? 1, 2, 4, 7, 11,?..
A) 17
B) 16
C) 15
D) 14

Number of diagonals of a convex hexagon is:
A) 3
B) 6
C) 9
D) 12

Three digit numbers are formed using the digits 0, 2, 4, 6, 8. Out of these numbers, a number is chosen at random. Find the probability that this number has the same digits.
A) 1/25
B) 1/16
C) 16/25
D) 1/645

There are two bookcases A and B. A contains 2 Hindi and 3 Kannada books and B contains 4 Hindi and 5 Kannada books. One book is taken random from one of the bookcases and is found to be Kannada. Find the probability that it was from bookcase B.
A) 25/52
B) 52/25
C) 1/52
D) 1

The points (4, 7, 8), (2, 3, 4) & (-1, 2, 1) are the three vertices of a parallelogram. Find the fourth vertex of the parallelogram.
A) (1, 2,-5)
B) (1, 6, 5)
C) (1,-2, 5)
D) (-1, 2, 5)

A pair of dice is rolled. Find P (A/B) if,
A: 2 appears on atleast one die.
B: Sum of numbers appearing on die is 8.
A) 1/12
B) 1/36
C) 1/6
D) 2/5

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