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Organisation : Directorate Of Higher & Technical Education Itanagar
Announcement : Sample Question Paper
Entrance Exam : Arunachal Pradesh Joint Entrance Examination APJEE 2015

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Sample Paper for APJEE :
Home Page :

Sample Paper for APJEE:
[Maximum Marks : 100]

Read the following instructions carefully before you answer the questions given in this Test Booklet :
Answers to questions in this Test Booklet are to be given on a computerised Answer Sheet provided to the candidate separately.
Candidate must fill up Name, Category, Test Booklet Number, Subject Code, and Roll Number in the answer sheet carefully as per instruction given.
This Test Booklet consists of 50 questions. All questions are compulsory and carry equal marks.
Each question in this Test Booklet has four possible alternative answers namely, (a), (b), (c), and (d), one of which is correct. Candidate should choose the correct answer against each question out of four alternative answers.
Candidate is instructed to answer the questions by darkening (O) (with HB pencil only) the circle bearing the correct answer.
After attempting a question, if candidate wants to change his/her answer, erase com- pletely to change the response and re-dark another circle.
Marking of answer other than darkening shall be cancelled and darkening should remain within the circle or otherwise computer shall not accept during evaluation of answer-script.
Rough work must not be done on the answer sheet. Use the blank space given in the Test Booklet for this purpose.
Candidate is to hand over both the Test Booklet and Answer sheet to the Invigilator before leaving the Examination Hall.
NEGATIVE MARKING : Each question carries 2 (two) marks for correct response. For each incorrect response, % (half) mark will be deducted from the total score. More than one answer indicated against a question will be deemed as incorrect response and will be negatively marked.

Application of drug colchicine in cell division prevents the spindle microtubule for mation by :
a) breaking microtubules.
b) thickening microtubules.
c) arresting chromosome movement.
d) arresting centriolar movement.
The class of lipids that serve as major structural component of cell membrane is :
a) triglycerides.
b) glycerol.
c) fatty acids.
d) phospholipids.
The number of chromatids at metaphase I of meiotic division of an organism with 2n = 12 would be:
a) 24.
b) 12.
c) 48.
d) 6.
In a biological system the total energy i.e., sum of usable energy and unusable energy is referred to :
a) entropy.
b) enthalpy.
c) activation energy.
(d) free energy.
The molecules having heavy isotopes can be separated from normal molecules by :
a) density gradient centrifugation.
b) differential centrifugation.
c) isopycnic centrifugation.
d) buoyant density centrifugation.
During cell division, replication of DNA occurs during :
a) GI Phase.
b) G2 Phase.
c) S Phase.
d) M Phase.
In which direction by convention is the sequence of bases in a nucleic acid usually expressed?
a) 3’ to 1’
b) 3′ to 5′
c) 1’ to 3′
d) 5′ to 3′
According to which theory / principle discontinuous variations play a major role in evolution of species?
a) Principle of natural selection
b) Theory of pangenesis
0) Theory of germplasm
d) Mutation theory ‘ r
The phenomenon due to which a gene masks or modi?es the expression of another non-allelic gene is known as :
a) metastasis.
b) epistasis.
c) hypostasis.
d) hyperstasis.
Operon consists of :
a) regulator, operator and repressor gene.
b) regulator, structural and operator gene.
c) operator and structural gene.
d) regulator, repressor, structural and operator gene.
A disorder Sickle-cell Anaemia, arises from the substitution of Valine in B chain of globin molecule of haemoglobin for :
a) glycine.
b) glutarnine.
c) glutamic acid.
d) cysteine.
A poly ploid having chromosome set from different sources such as different specier is termed as :
a) autopoly ploid.
b) aneu ploid.
c) allopoly ploid.
d) monoploid.
Nitrogenase converts :
a) nitrogen into ammonia.
b) ammonia into nitrite.
c) nitrite into nitrate.
d) nitrate into nitrogen.
The movement of auxin which passes through cell wall would be known as :
a) cytoplastic.
b) apoplastic.
c) symplastic.
d) protoplastic.
The first product of CO2 fixation in C-4 pathway in plants is :
a) formation of oxaloacetic acid by car boxylation of PEP in the mesophyll cells.
b) formation of oxaloacetic acid by car boxylation of PEP in the bundle sheeth cells.
c) formation of PGA in the mesophyll cells.
d) formation of malic acid in the bundle sheeth cell.

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