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Name of the Organisation : Ministry of Communication & Information Technology
Type of Announcement : Examination Procedure / Valuation methodology
Entrance Exam : Odisha Joint Entrance Examination-2015

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Examination Procedure / Valuation methodology
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Odisha JEE Examination Procedure

** There will be multiple choice type questions. The number of questions will be sixty (60) per each hour of examination.

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** Each question shall have four answers (including one correct answer) and the examinee shall have to blacken only the appropriate circle/oval (which he/she considers most correct) in black / blue ball point pen. Each correct answer shall fetch four marks. Each unattempted question will fetch zero.
** There is no negative marking.
** If more than one circles are darkened for one question, it will be treated as an incorrect answer.
** Blank answer OMR sheet without being darkened in any one of the answer circles will summarily be rejected.

** No rank will be awarded to such applicants submitting blank answer OMR sheet.
** The Answer Sheet consists of two pages, the top one is the Original answer sheet whereas the annexed one is the carbon copy.
** The page is divided into Part-A and Part-B. Part – A of the original sheet contains the details such as Roll No., Question Booklet number, Name and signature of the candidate, Name of the centre, Signature of the Invigilator.
** The Part – B of the answer sheet is meant for recording the answers by darkening the appropriate circle(s) by the candidate.
** Whatever written/marked impression is made on the main sheet, the second sheet will reproduce the same. This will be detached by the invigilator and returned to the candidates at the end of the examination.

Issue of Marks :
Candidates desirous of knowing subject-wise marks secured by them should make a written request enclosing a demand draft of Rs. 400/- (Rupees four hundred only) in favour of “OJEE- 2015” drawn on any Nationalised Bank at Bhubaneswar, so as to reach the OJEE office within 10 days of the publication of result.

Re-totaling and Review:
** The OJEE answer sheets are all machine evaluated with adequate care taken to make them error free. Based on the evaluation a merit list is prepared.
** There is no award of class.
** Mark sheets are not issued in general.
** A candidate, may however request for re-totaling / re-addition with a fee of Rs.500/- (Rupees five hundred only) in the shape of demand draft in favour of OJEE-2015 drawn on any nationalised bank in Bhubaneswar so as to reach the OJEE office within seven calendar days of the publication of OJEE – 2015 result.
** Re evaluation of answer script is not permissible.
** A committee will manually verify the results and its decision will be final and binding on the applicant.
** The candidates are allowed to take question papers after the examination is over.

Correct ways of Marking:
Each question is followed by answers which have numbers A B C and D. Then by using black / blue ballpoint pen darken the circle bearing the correct answer in the answer sheet against the corresponding number of the question. The correct method of answering is illustrated above.

Sample Questions :
1. If we dip capillary tubes of different radii r in water and water rises to different height h in them, then.
(A) h/2 = constant
(B) h/r = constant
(C) hr = constant
(D) hr2 = constant
2. The drug taxol is obtained from the bark of
(A) Pacific Yew
(B) Eucalyptus
(C) Cinnamon
(D) Cinchona
3. The number of different types of F-S-F bond angles in SF4 are
(A) two
(B) one
(C) three
(D) four

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