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TJEE 2015 General Instruction For Marking Omr Sheet Tripura Joint Entrance Examination :

Name of the Organisation : Tripura Board of Joint Entrance Examination (TBJEE)
Type of Announcement : General Instruction For Marking Omr Sheet & Other
Entrance Exam : TJEE 2015 Tripura Joint Entrance Examination
Reference Number : Notification No.1/ 2015 No. F.1 (1) -DHE / TBJEE / 2015-2016 (Vol-1)

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General Instruction For Marking Omr Sheet & Other
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General Instruction For Marking Omr Sheet & Other :
Strict compliance of instruction is essential. Answer sheet will be processed by Electronic means in computer. Invalidation of Answer Sheet due to incomplete/incorrect filling of the OMR sheet will be the sole responsibility of the candidate. Accordingly candidates are advised to adhere to the following instructions.
1. Use BLACK/BLUE Ball point pen only. Ink pen, pencil or pens with other colours are strictly prohibited.
2. Write and mark your Enrolment Number, Question Booklet Series and Subject name in appropriate places on the OMR Sheet.
3. Mark the correct Answer by darkening the circle.
4. Use of white fluid/eraser/blade etc. for correction in OMR sheet is not permitted.
5. Once marked, no change in the response shall be permitted.
6. More than one response is also not allowed. Multiple answers given against one question will not be considered for evaluation, i.e.marking more than one answer or marking alterations after marking an answer will result in zero mark.
7. Do not make any stray mark on the OMR sheet.
8. Do not cut or mutilate the OMR sheet.
9. Do not fold or damage the OMR sheet.
10. Candidates should write the OMR Sheet Number (as provided in OMR sheet) in the Attendance Sheet before putting his/her signature.
11. Candidates shall have to asertain that the information furnished by them in the OMR Sheet are duly checked by the invigilator before putting his/her signature.
12. Candidates are to sign in 2 (two) places, one signature in the OMR Sheet and the other signature in the Attendance Sheet on the space specified for these.
13. Do not do any rough work on the OMR Sheet. It may be done in the space provided in the Test Booklet/Question paper.
14. There will be no re-checking/re-evaluation of the OMR sheet.
15. Please ensure that you have returned the OMR sheet to the Invigilator before leaving the Examination Hall.
16. Adoption of any unfair means in the Examination Hall causing disturbance to others or indiscipline of any sort will lead to cancellation of your candidature followed by legal action (if necessary).
17. The signature should be identical with the signature given by the candidate in Application Form submitted to the Board.
18. The use of Calculator/Mobile Phone or any other electronics gadget inside the examination hall is strictly prohibited.
19. Candidate must bring the Admit Card of TJEE – 2015 in every session of examination. It must be shown to the Officer-In-Charge / Invigilator in examination hall.

** Every question paper usually remains stapled for maintaining secrecy.
** Candidate should read the instructions printed on the first page immediately after getting it from the invigilator.
** Thereafter getting instruction from the invigilator the candidate has to un-staple the question paper.
** Then he/she should read the question paper carefully, so that a correct answer or most appropriate answer of each MCQ can be identified.
** After selecting the correct/closest/best answer the candidate will have to fill the corresponding circle (i.e. A/B/C/D) in appropriate space provided on OMR Answer Sheet.

** Optical Marks Recognition/Reading, i.e. OMR sheet is a special printout paper containing circles used as marking areas where the candidate put marks using a blue/ black ball point pen.
** OMR Sheet Reader is a software which reads those marked location (by blue/black ball point pen) and converts the information into data through computer machine.
** A copy of “sample OMR” is shown herewith in the last part as Model for practice.
** Information is provided here on how to fill an OMR sheet and students are suggested to go through the sample questions provided.
** The OMR sheet will be scanned or processed through a machine.
** It is, therefore, imperative for the candidates to handle the OMR sheet carefully and adhere to the instructions given on the OMR sheet.
** Candiate has to fully darken the circle of the right/closest answer of their choice.
** Cut/Tick/Cross mark of the circle is not allowed and this will make the answer unreadable.
** Circle should be darkened only for the options available in the Test Booklet/ Question Paper.
** If a question is not attempted, the relevant answer circle should be left blank.
** More than one OMR sheet will not be supplied for any reason accept printing/ manufacturing defect of some kind.
** During the examination the candidate will be provided with a Question Paper/ Test Booklet and an OMR Sheet for answer.
** First he / she will have to fill up the useful information on the OMR sheet like, Enrolment Number, Test Booklet Series, and name of Subject. Please note that if these information are not provided on the OMR sheet or the sheet contains error, the computer will not be able to recognize the answer.

** Each subject of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology will have a Text Booklet/Question paper containing 50 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).
** Every question paper has a particular Series (A/B/C) mentioned on the front page which the candidate must carefully write at the appropriate place on the OMR Answer Sheet and also in the Attendance Sheet.
** If the appropriate series is not mentioned in OMR Sheet, the machine will not be able to recognize the correct answer.
** In that case error may arise in evaluation of OMR Sheet.

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