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Organisation : National Centre for Cell Science, Pune Department of Biotechnology
Announcement : Sample Question Paper
Test : Biotechnology Eligibility Test-2015 (BET)

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Sample Question Paper :
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Biotechnology Eligibility Test-2014 (BET-2014) for DBT-JRF Fellowship Sample Question Paper

Total Marks – 375
Duration 10.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.

1. The Question Paper consists of multiple choice objective type questions with 4 options out of which only one is correct.
2. All 75 question in Section A are compulsory.
3. Answer any 50 questions from Section B.
4. In case more than 50 are attempted in Section B, only first 50 will be considered.
5. Each question carries 3 marks; for every wrong answer, one mark will be deducted (-1 negative marking).
6. The examination duration is 180 minutes. Questions can be answered in any order you like to.

About Question Paper:
1. Only one question will be displayed on the computer screen at a time. To attempt next question the candidates should click on “Next” or to go back click on “Previous” button provided at the bottom of the screen
2. The candidates will be given “Sample Test Questions” for practice purpose before they start answering the actual “Examination Questions”.
3. The candidate should click with the mouse on the correct choice, from given 4 options for the right Answer. In case, the candidate does not wish to attempt the question it can be left blank.
4. The candidate can choose to change the option of a question later by selecting a new option in case he/she wishes to. In case student does not want to answer the question, he/she can deselect the answer by clicking the “Erase Answer” link provided against the question.
5. The questions can be answered in any order within the given time frame.
6. The list of attempted and un-attempted questions is shown in the right side of the screen. You can click on any of the attempted ones to revise the answers in case you wish so.
7. To move back and forth between questions, candidates should use the “Next”/ “Previous” button/ or should click on the question number displayed at the right side of the screen.
8. The answers will be saved whenever the candidate goes for next question, by clicking on “Next”/ “Previous” button
9. After the expiry of 180 minutes, if the candidates is not able to attempt any question or click the answers a nil result will be saved automatically by the computer system even if he/ she does not click the “Preview Submit” button.
10. If a student finishes the paper within the stipulated time, he/she can end the examination by clicking the PREVIEW SUBMIT button. Once the submission is done, the examination cannot be restarted. So please be careful before pressing PREVIEW SUBMIT button. However, students will not be allowed to leave the examination hall till the end of the stipulated time.

Q1 Question/ Options Mr. X, Mr. Y and Mr. Z went to a fruit shop to purchase apples and oranges at a fixed price for each orange and apple. The transaction amount for each purchase was noted. (I) Mr. X purchased 8 oranges and 4 apples (II) Mr. Y purchased 16 oranges and 8 apples (III) Mr. Z purchased 6 oranges and 5 apples. The individual prices of oranges and apples can be obtained by which one of the following?
Option 1 (I) and (II) Option 2 (I) and (III) or (II) and (III) Option 3 (I), (II) and(III) Option 4 Insufficient data.

Q2 Question/ Options A watch repair man noticed that the clock under repair showed 12 minutes slow at 10:00 PM. He made an adjustment and went home. Next day at 10:00 AM, the clock showed 10:12 AM. At what time the clock would have shown the correct time?
Option 1 3:48 AM Option 2 4:00 AM Option 3 4:12 AM Option 4 5.00 AM

Q3 Question/ Options In a class of 15, the mean marks for a unit examination was 25 with a standard deviation 0. The correct interpretation is:
Option 1 Half the class had scores less than 25 Option 2 There was a high correlation between ability and grade Option 3 Everyone had a score of exactly 25. Option 4 Half the class had 0’s and half had 25s

Q4 Question/ Options A person travelled 3 km towards west and continued walking 4 km towards north. The shortest distance from the point of starting to current position is
Option 1 7 km Option 2 5 km Option 3 1 km Option 4 2 km

Q5 Question/ Options Mohan is 18th from either end of a row of boys? How many boys are there in that row ?
Option 1 26 Option 2 32 Option 3 37 Option 4 35

Q6 Question/ Options ‘Soldier’ is related to ‘Army’ in the same way as ‘Pupil’ is related to ______
Option 1 Education Option 2 Teacher Option 3 Student Option 4 Class

Q7 Question/ Options What should come in the place of ‘X’ in the following series: 3, 8, 6, 14, X, 20 ?
Option 1 11 Option 2 10 Option 3 8 Option 4 9

Q9 Question/ Options Based on the following assumptions I. Conveyance allowance will not help in bringing punctuality. II. Discipline and reward should always go hand in hand. The CEO of a company issues the following statement: “In order to bring punctuality in our office, we must provide conveyance allowance to our employees.” Which of the above assumptions is implied?
Option 1 Only I Option 2 Only II Option 3 Either I or II Option 4 Neither I nor II

Q10 Question/ Options A man has some buffaloes and ducks. If the number of heads is 70 and the number of legs is 200, then the number of buffaloes is
Option 1 30 Option 2 40 Option 3 20 Option 4 70

Q11 Question/ Options Identify the pair that best expresses the relationship similar to that expressed in Day : Week.
Option 1 Foot : Inch Option 2 Second : Time Option 3 Time : Duration Option 4 Acre : Hectare

Q12 Question/ Options A 300 bp long B- form of plasmid DNA has 20 complete turns. This DNA molecule is:
Option 1 Positively supercoiled Option 2 Negatively supercoiled Option 3 Relaxed Option 4 Cannot be predicted

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