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Super Speciality Entrance Test SSET 2015 OMR Response Sheet D.M & M.Ch Admission : Baba Farid University of Health Sciences

Organisation : Baba Farid University of Health Sciences
Announcement : Super Speciality Entrance Test (SSET-2015)
Facility : OMR Response Sheet

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OMR Response Sheet :
Home Page :

Super Speciality Entrance Test (SSET-2015) :
For Admission to D.M. & M.Ch. Courses :
The OMR Response Sheet :
i. OMR Response Sheets will be distributed along with the Question Booklet.

ii. Candidates are advised to go through the OMR Answer Sheet and be conversant with the requirement of giving particulars and marking the responses so that during the examination they could do so without any difficulty and/or without making any mistake thereby avoid loss of time.

iii. OMR Response Sheet can be filled only with BLACK FINE TIP BALL PEN.

iv. The OMR Response Sheet will be scanned by an Optical Scanner. There will be two sides of the OMR Response Sheet i.e. Side-I and Side-II.
a) Side-1 of the OMR answer sheet contains the following columns, which are to be filled up neatly and accurately with a BLACK FINE TIP BALL PEN. Use of any other writing instrument shall invalidate the OMR Response Sheet
(i) Name
(ii) Roll No.
(iii) Question Booklet No.
(iv) Signatures of candidate in running hand

(v) The candidate must ensure that the OMR Response Sheet is not folded, soiled or mutilated. No stray marks should be put on OMR Response Sheet.

BLACK FINE TIP BALL PENS will be provided by the University. Please note that use only BLACK FINE TIP BALL PEN provided by the University. Any pen other than BLACK FINE TIP BALL PEN is not allowed to be used, the OMR Response Sheet may be rejected by the Optical Scanner and such a response sheet will be invalidated.

i) If more than one oval is darkened such a response shall be treated wrong.

ii) The candidate is advised to decide about the answer before it is marked on the OMR Response Sheet. He/ She must ensure that appropriate oval is completely darkened with BLACK FINE TIP BALL PEN only. A lightly or faintly darkened oval will be treated as a wrong method of marking and will be rejected by the Optical Scanner.

iii) The oval should be so darkened that it is completely filled.

iv) Darken only one oval for each entry.

v) Make the marks only at the space provided.

There will be no negative marking for wrong answers. However, for security reasons fifth oval has been introduced. In all unattempted questions fifth oval must be darkened otherwise if all ovals are left blank then that question shall carry one negative mark. Hence it is in the interest of the candidate not to leave all ovals blank in any question and one oval has to be shaded out of the five.

The candidate will not do any rough work or writing work on the OMR Response Sheet. All rough work is to be done on the margin of Question Booklet or on the space available on this question booklet.

The candidate will check and ensure that the Question Booklet contains number of pages as are written on the top of the first page. The candidate shall not remove any page(s) from the Test-Booklet and if any page(s) is/are found missing from his/her Booklet, then his/her candidature will be cancelled and a criminal case may be got registered against him/her. In case a candidate finds that there are blank or duplicate or unreadable page(s) in his/her booklet then this fact shall be brought to the notice of the invigilator on duty who shall supply a similar fresh

Question Booklet to the candidate :
The candidate shall not fill the Serial No. of fresh Booklet in the OMR Response Sheet as this fact will be reflected in the report of the Centre Superintendent to the University.

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