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Organisation : Telangana State Council of Higher Education
Announcement : Exercising Option
Admission : TS PECET 2015 U.G.D.P.Ed., and B.P.Ed Admission

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Exercising Option here :
Home Page :

Excercising web options from 22-7-2015

Read and understand the contents of this page carefully before going to options selection page. After understanding the contents in this page,Click on I Understood button to get into the option page.
1.    The options selection page contains two tables
o    Colleges, courses and Coursetype on the lefthand side of the page.
o    Selected options in the order of priority on the righthand side.
2.    Enter Hall Ticket Number, Registration No, Password and Date of Birth on the top.

If everything you entered is correct, List of available colleges, courses, course type combinations are shown in the lefthand side table. You can filter the list in two ways by
o    District.
o    Starting letter of the college code(short code of 4 letters).
3.    To select the option: click on the college and course on the lefthand side table and click ADD button. An alert box will pop up asking confirmation to add the option. The selected college will be added to options table on the right hand side as last option.
4.    To delete the option: Select an option and click “Delete” Button. The selected option will be deleted and the options will be renumbered automatically.
5.    To change the priority: Select the option whose priority you want to change, drag and drop at the required place. The options will be renumbered automatically. (OR) Select the option and press the UP/DOWN arrow buttons present in between the tables to move up/down one level.
6.    To Save the options: Click the SAVE button in order to save the options in the server. After clicking, the SAVE button, a window prompts for PASSWORD. One Time Password(OTP) would be sent to your mobile which is valid for 15mins only. If the password is correct, then you will land onto a new page where all your options along with priority will be displayed.
7.    Print Order of Preference of Options: You can print order of preference of options once you SAVE the options. You can also take a printout of the options from Webcounselling Details Menu and also from Home Page.

1. Open the website Home page displayed as follows.
2. Click on the Web Options link for Exercising options.
3. Instructions to candidate window will be displayed as follows.
4. Read the instructions carefully, then click I Understood button.
5. Enter the details as shown in the option form and click on Submit button.

6. Option form will be displayed as shown below with colleges on the left side. This window displays all the eligible colleges based on gender and specialization.

Two types of filters are available to minimize the selection list. The first filter is college code and another filter is District-wise.

If you Type one of the Alphabets in college filter box, for example “P” is typed, then the college codes starting with alphabet “P” will be displayed

If you select Hyderabad District in the District combo box, the list of colleges available in Hyderabad district alone will be displayed.

Select the college on left window and click on Add button to add college to the right side window as option number one. Then next one will be added as second option and so on. The priority of options is displayed on the right side window.

You can modify the priority of options by clicking on the Modify button. Select an option, drag it to the required place and drop. Automatically the option will be moved to the new location and the priority numbers will be renumbered. (OR) Select the option and press the UP/DOWN arrow buttons present in between the tables to move up/down one level.

Select an option and Click the Delete button, then the option will be deleted from the selected list.

After satisfying with the selected list of colleges and their priorities, click on Save button and enter the password (OTP) which you received by SMS through the virtual key board available on the screen and click Confirm button, then the selected options are saved in the Server for processing, and the saved options will be displayed in printed format. Take a print and verify thoroughly the colleges and their priority.

7. The Saved options can be viewed and/or print through the Print options link from home page also.
8. The options exercised will be closed at 00.00 Hrs mid night on the last date specified for web options in the notification.
9. The options registered in the server will be frozen automatically on the last day specified in the notification and shall be used for seat allotment.

10. The options will be processed on the dates specified and the results will be communicated through SMS message to the registered mobile number, which you have provided and you can also take a print of the provisional allotment order from the website.

Do’s and Don’ts
Do not use mobiles and tablets to exercise the options. Use only computers.

Check college codes thoroughly before entering options

Write college codes in the order of preference on a white paper before entering into web.

Do not select colleges which you are not interested.

Avoid using slow internet facility.

Allotments will be made in the order of preference of options and exercise utmost care while entering options.

Allotments will be made in the rank order

Allotment made in the web counselling is final and cannot be altered under any circumstances.

Therefore only such colleges and courses that candidate will join without any hesitation should be chosen.

Convenor is not responsible for any technical or human errors from client side (Student side) while exercising options.

Keep your mobile with you while exercising options and do not block SMS.

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  1. Please tell me which seats are available in 2nd phase councilung and date

  2. My rank is 1255

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