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All posts from PGCET 2015 Download Admission Ticket Post Graduate Common Entrance Test MBA/MCA/ME/MTech : Karnataka Examinations Authority

Organisation : Karnataka Examinations Authority
Announcement : PGCET-2015 Post Graduate Common Entrance Test MBA, MCA, ME / MTech / MArch
Facility : Download Admission Ticket

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1. The Post Graduate Common Entrance Test for admissions to MBA, MCA and M.E. / M.Tech / M.Arch courses will be held as per the schedule notified.

2. The candidates must appear for Post Graduate Common Entrance Test for admission to MBA, MCA, M.E. / M. Tech / M. Arch courses as per the schedule notified by the Karnataka Examinations Authority.

3. The candidates should read the instructions printed on the OMR answer sheet before answering. The candidates have to mark the correct answers on the OMR answer sheet using BLUE OR BLACK INK BALL POINT PEN ONLY.

4. After completion of the test, the candidates must affix their LEFT HAND THUMB IMPRESSION in the space provided on the bottom portion of OMR answer sheet before handing over the same to the room invigilator.

5. After completion of the test, the candidates will be allowed to carry replica of the filled OMR answer sheet. Such replicas should be preserved for a period of one year.


Optical Mark Reader sheets as Answer Sheets :
** The need for the replica has compelled us to design OMR sheet in such a way that all the information and the answers are marked only on one side.

** The top portion of the sheet is meant for furnishing the particulars about the candidates such as the Name, PGCET Number, Version code and serial number of the question booklet.

** The bottom portion is meant for marking the answers, affixing the signature of the room Invigilator & candidates and also for affixing the Left Hand Thumb Impression of the candidate.

** The space meant for the subject would have been pre-marked.

** The square blocks in each item should be filled by the candidate in capital letters and numbers.

** The circles corresponding to the letters or numbers are meant to be completely shaded using blue or black ink ballpoint pen only.

Why Ball Point Pen? :
** Remember, we are allowing the candidates to carry home a replica or facsimile of the OMR answer sheet and the OMR answer paper comes in a set of two sheets. When you shade the top sheet, the pressure will create a dark mark on the bottom sheet on the corresponding circle.

** If a pen with a nib is used, the pressure on the top sheet will not be sufficient to activate the chemical on the bottom sheet.

** On the other hand, a ballpoint pen exerts sufficient pressure to convert the bottom sheet chemical into a dark spot.

** That is why we want you to use a blue / black ink ballpoint pen only.

Important precautions to be taken while writing / shading Top portion of OMR Answer Sheet :
** The initial TEN minutes will be given to a candidate, for writing / shading the particulars on the top portion of the OMR answer sheet, wherein the candidates are required to write their Name within the boxes, write their PGCET Number in the boxes and shade the respective circles, write the Question ooklet version code in the boxes and shade the respective circle in the required manner.

** The candidates are also required to write the Question booklet serial number.

** Of the five items, entries pertaining to ‘Name’, ‘PGCET Number’ and ‘Question booklet Version code’ are very crucial ones.

** Therefore, candidates are advised to take extra precaution while writing and shading these three items accurately on the top portion of the OMR answer sheet. Important precautions to be taken while shading answers on bottom portion of OMR Answer sheet.

** After the initial TEN minutes 120 minutes will be given to a candidate for shading the answers on the bottom portion of the OMR answer sheet.

** Against each question number, four circles will be provided corresponding to four options of the question paper.

** The candidates are required to shade only one circle corresponding to the correct answer.

** The scanner is so sensitive to black and blue ink shades that even a slight residual ink mark or an unintended ink dot within a circle on the OMR answer sheet will be taken by it, as filled / shaded, at the time of scanning. Consequently, the candidate may lose marks.

** Therefore, please do not make any stray pen marks on the OMR answer sheets.

** As the scoring done by the scanner and the computer in tandem is final, a plea for erasing or neglecting the ink mark on a circle cannot be entertained.

** Therefore, candidates are advised to take extra precaution while shading the circles on the bottom portion.

** Once you darken a circle, there is no way to erase or to remove it.

** That way, your decision about a correct answer will be final.

** The invigilator will not permit you to use marker, white fluid or any other device to hide the shading already done and you will not be supplied with one more set of OMR sheet.

** If you spoil a sheet in your attempt to rub off the shading done on a circle, you may ruin your opportunities.

** If two circles are shaded in a row and even if one of the circles is partially rubbed off, the scanner will take it as a multiple attempt.

** Therefore, think twice before you shade a circle with ink. Darken only one circle for each question as shown against the CORRECT METHOD.

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  1. After entering to First Round Allotment Results Link it says You have not been allotted any seat.
    What to do for second round?

    1. Choice3: I am not satisfied with allotted seat but wish to participate in the next round with all the already entered options except the allotted options by surrendering the allotted seat and also re-ordering of already entered options.

      Implication: Eligible to participate in the subsequent round by rejecting the allotted seat.

      NOTE: Chances of getting the lower order options is subject to availability of seats as the other candidates next to your rank might have entered those options and seats would be allotted to them based on merit.

  2. When we enter the exam hall whether we want to submit any documents?

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