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AP ECET 2015 Model Question Engineering Common Entrance Test Andhra Pradesh : JNTU Anantapur Ananthapuramu

Organisation : Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Anantapur JNTUA, Ananthapuramu
Announcement : Model Questions
Entrance Exam : Andhra Pradesh Engineering Common Entrance Test ( AP ECET- 2015)

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Model Questions :
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Mathematics (50 Questions of this type)
1. The length of the latus-rectum of the ellipse represented by the equation 25 + 9 =
225 is a. 50/3 b. 18/5 c. 18/25 d. 50/9
2. 1. =
a. 0 b.1 c. 5e d. 2

Physics (25 Questions of this type)
1. If F= a+ where F is force, W is work done and a,b are constants, the dimensional formula for b is
2. The resultant of two forces 3 N and 6 N is normal to the smaller force. The angle between the forces is ——
a) 1200 b) 1350 c) 1100 d) 300
3. A body is projected obliquely so that its maximum range is 80m. Its corresponding maximum height is ———
a) 20m b) 60m c) 40m d) 160m

Chemistry (25 Questions of this type)
1. The normality of oxalic acid solution is found to be 0.05N. How many grams of oxalic acid is present in 100ml of solution.
a) 1.26 b) 12.6 c) 126 d) 0.126
2. Which of the following is responsible for temporary hardness of water
3. The monomer of Rubber is——
a) Isoprene b) propene c) polyisoprene d) Bakelite

ENGINEERING PAPERS (100 Questions of this type)
1 . D i s t i l l a t i o n i s o p e r a t i o n .
a) Liquid-Liquid b) Solid-Solid c) Liquid-Gas d) Liquid-Solid
2 . If the flow is laminar, then the value of Reynold’s number is _____.
a) 1000 b) 5000 c) 10000 d) 100000
3 . F o u r i e r L a w i s c o n n e c t e d w i t h .
a) Radiation b) Convection c) Conduction d) Leaching

1. What is the least count of ordinary vernier transit theodolite
a. 10 seconds
b. 15 seconds
c. 20 seconds
d. 30 seconds
2. What is the relation between Cc, Cv and Cd.
a. Cd = Cc x Cv
b. Cc = Cv x Cd
c. Cv = Cc x Cd
d. Cd = Cc / Cv
3. The number of bars for singly reinforced balanced section is 4. If the actual number of bars (same type and diameter) provided is 5, the nature of failure of the section is
a. Tensile
b. Compressive
c. Torsional
d. Shear.

1. The usage of break statement in a switch statement is
a. Optional
b. Compulsory
c. for error checking
d. Not allowed
2. Which command is used to remove an index from the database in SQL
3. Which of the following refers to associative memory
a. The address of the data is generated by CPU
b. The address of the data is supplied by users
c. The data is used as an address
d. The data accessed sequentially

1. The device that can be used as Voltage regulator
a. Transistor
b. Zener diode
c. Tunnel diode
d. Varactor diode
2. Maximum power transfer takes place across a load in an AC network
a. Load impedance is the complex conjugate of the source impedance
b. Load resistance is equal to the source resistance
c. Load impedance is equal to the source impedance
d. Load impedance is square of source impedance

1. The period during which the power to the traction motor is cut-off is known as
a ) C u t – o f f p e r i o d c ) C o a s t i n g
b ) F r e e r u n n i n g d ) B r a k i n g
2. The slow but continuous rotation of the energy meter even under no load is known as
a ) R o t a t i o n e r r o r c ) c r e e p i n g e r r o r
b ) J u m p i n g e r r o r d ) f r e e r u n e r r o r
3. Which of the following is known as Universal gate?
a ) A N D C ) O R
b ) NAND d) NOT

1. Which of the following is the Bi-Directional flow meter?
a) Orifice b) Venturi meter c) Electromagnetic Flow meter d) Pitot tube
2. Neutral Zone is equal to
a) D e b) D e/2 c) 2D e d) D2 e
3. Mass spectroscopy deals with
a) Mass of ions b) m/e ratio of ions c) charge of ions d) nuclear charge

1. When the axis of first and last wheels are co-axis then the gear train is known as
a. Simple gear train
b. Compound gear train
c. Reverted gear train
d. Epicyclical gear train
2. Heat transfer during constant pressure process =
a. Change in displacement work
b. Change in internal energy
c. Change in flow work
d. Sum of changes in internal energy and flow work
3. The capacity of domestic refrigerator is in the range of …
a. 3 to 5 TR
b. 1 to 3 TR
c. 0.1 to 0.3 TR
d. 5 to 7 TR

1. Raw material for production of Aluminium is ———
a) Bauxite b) Cryolite c) Alumina d) Gibbsite
2. No of slip systems in FCC structure
a) A. 12 b) 48 c) 16 d) 03

1. As per CMR the distance between two main outlets of underground coal is ______________ meters
a) 13.5 b)14.5 c)15.5 d)18
2. The reading taken when the vertical circle is left of the observer is called.
a) Face right reading
b) Face middle reading
c) Face left reading
d) Swinging

1. The melting point of Silica is
(a). 1728 (b) 1825 (c). 1625 (d).1560
2. The excess quantity of the this oxide in glass composition increases de-vitrification (a) Sodium Oxide
(b)Titanium Oxide (C) Calcium Oxide (d) Arsenic Oxide
3. The blocks that are used as the bottom of a Glass Tank melting furnace are
(a). Fireclay (b). Sillimanite (c). Alumina (d) Silicon Carbide

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