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Ed.CET 2015 How to Fill Online Application Form AP Education Common Entrance Test : Andhra Pradesh

Organisation : Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati Andhra Pradesh
Announcement : How to Fill Online Application Form
Entrance Exam : AP Education Common Entrance Test-2015 (AP Ed.CET-2015)

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AP Ed.CET- 2015 :

1. On your Internet Browser (preferably Interne t Explorer version 6.0 and above) type the website address, press ENTER button and you will see the following screen displayed on the computer screen.
2. (a) Click on the “APPLY ONLINE” field as shown encircled below.
3. The following “Registration Fee Payment Procedure” Web Page will appear on the screen

4. In the above page, select the appropriate Registration Fee payment mode (AP Online / e-Seva/ Mee Seva or Debit / Credit card)
(a) If the selected payment mode selected is AP Online / e-Seva / Mee Seva follow the instructions given in the screenshot above of the “Re gis tration Fe e Payme nt Proce dure ” web page.
Keep all the mandatory details ready required for filling in the Online Application form along with the Transaction Id. and click on the encircled “Click he re if paid through AP Online / e -Se va/Mee Seva” button below.

5. After clicking the above button, the follow ing “Payment Verification” w eb page w ill appear. Fill in all the details in the respective fields and Click on the encircled button “Proceed to Online Application form filling”.

For example, refer the “Payment Ve rification” page with the details entered:
After clicking the above button is clicked, it will proceed to the Step 7 where the Online Application Form will be dis played on the screen. Ignore Step 6 as it be longs to Debit card/ Credit card payment mode .

6. If the payment selected mode is Debit card / Credit card, follow the instructions given in the above screenshot of the Registration Fee Payment Procedure web page and Click on the encircled box b

If the selected payment mode is through the DEB IT / CREDIT CARD (PAYMENT GATE WAY) the control will be navigated to the PAYMENT GATEWAY, for payment purpose. Once the payment is completed, the candidate will be automatically redirected to the page to complete the Online Application Form with the required details.

(NOTE: During the Payment process, DO NOT click on Back / Refresh buttons or DO NOT close the Browser page abruptly.)

The following pages will be displayed during the Registration Fee Payment through Debit / Credit card and proceed to the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM.

Select Proceed to Pay the Fee Through Payment Gate way Using Credit Card/De bit Card. If already fee paid using Credit Card / De bit Card the n s elect Proceed to Verify and fill Application form if already paid through Credit Card / De bit Card.

Payme nt Through Cre dit Card / De bit Card page :
After entering the correct and mandatory details in the given below in the page of Payment Through Credit card / De bit card page given below, select the card type (VISA or MasterCard or Maestro) mentioned on the card and click the encircled button Make Payment. Be ready with the Card re late d de tails (Card number, Expiry date / From date , Security Code / CVV number etc).

The control will take you to the BANK page (eg: AXIS BANK). Select the relevant card logo, it will proceed to the next page.

Enter the relevant details Like Card Number, Expiry Date & Security Code and Click the encircled button PAY NOW.

(NOTE: During the Payment process, DO NOT click on Back / Refresh buttons or DONOT close the Browser page abruptly, instead maintain patie nce as prompted on the screen)

The confirmation of successful payment of Registration Fee is shown with the “Trans action is successful” item in the below page “Payment Status ”. Click on the encircled button “Proceed to Online Application Form Filling” and you will be taken to the next page in Step 7.

7. Please note that in the Online Application form: (A Mode l of the Online Application Form is available for your reference on the Ed.CET 2015 website )

6. After the Online Application Form is completed and submitted, a Preview of the FILLED IN ONLINE APPLICATION form page will appear on the screen. The Candidate ’s de tails and a Re gis tration Id. (which should be used for ALL future correspondence) will appear on the right side of the page. If you want to still make any changes to the Application form, you have the option of Edit to go back. If you are satisfied, then click Submit as shown below.


This page can be directly given for a print by clicking on the icon Print which is encircled as shown in the figure.

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