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MBA Examinations Time Table Nov/Dec 2015 : Anna University

Organisation : Anna University
Announcement : MBA Examinations Time Table Nov/Dec 2015
Location : Chennai

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Time Table :
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MBA Examinations Time Table :
I Semester Electives 2 P.M. to 5 P.M. :
12/11/2015 Thursday BA7104: Total Quality Management
14/11/2015 Saturday BA7105: Organizational Behaviour
16/11/2015 Monday BA7106: Accounting for Management
18/11/2015 Wednesday BA7107: Legal Aspects of Business
20/11/2015 Friday BA7108: Written Communication
27/11/2015 Friday BA7101: Principles of Management
28/11/2015 Saturday BA7102: Statistics for Management
30/11/2015 Monday BA7103: Economic Analysis for Business

II Semester Electives 2 P.M. to 5 P.M. :
13/11/2015 Friday BA7204: Human Resource Management
17/11/2015 Tuesday BA7205: Information Management
19/11/2015 Thursday BA7206: Applied Operations Research
21/11/2015 Saturday BA7207: Business Research Methods
01/12/2015 Tuesday BA7201: Operations Management
02/12/2015 Wednesday BA7202: Financial Management
03/12/2015 Thursday BA7203: Marketing Management

III Semester Electives 10 A.M. to 1 P.M. :
13/11/2015 Friday BA7301: Enterprise Resource Planning
19/11/2015 Thursday BA7302: Strategic Management

IV Semester Electives 2 P.M. to 5 P.M. :
23/11/2015 Monday BA7401: International Business Management
25/11/2015 Wednesday BA7402: Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance

IV Semester Electives 10 A.M. to 1 P.M. :
12/11/2015 Thursday BA7015: Customer Relationship Management
14/11/2015 Saturday BA7021: Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
16/11/2015 Monday BA7022: Merchant Banking and Financial Services
17/11/2015 Tuesday BA7023: International Trade Finance
18/11/2015 Wednesday BA7024: Corporate Finance
20/11/2015 Friday BA7026: Banking Financial Services Management
21/11/2015 Saturday BA7031: Managerial Behavior and Effectiveness
23/11/2015 Monday BA7032: Entrepreneurship Development
24/11/2015 Tuesday BA7033: Organizational Theory, Design and Development
25/11/2015 Wednesday BA7034: Industrial Relations and Labour Welfare
26/11/2015 Thursday BA7035: Labour Legislations
27/11/2015 Friday BA7036: Strategic Human Resource Management
28/11/2015 Saturday BA7041: Advanced Database Management Systems
30/11/2015 Monday BA7042: e-Business Management
01/12/2015 Tuesday BA7043: Software Project and Quality Management
02/12/2015 Wednesday BA7044: Datamining for Business Intelligence

Electives Session 10 A.M. to 1 P.M. :
03/12/2015 Thursday BA7051: Logistics and Supply Chain Management
04/12/2015 Friday BA7052: Services Operations Management
07/12/2015 Monday BA7053: Project Management
08/12/2015 Tuesday BA7054: Lean Six Sigma
09/12/2015 Wednesday BA7061: Containerization and Allied Business
10/12/2015 Thursday BA7062: Exim Management
11/12/2015 Friday BA7063: Fundamentals of Shipping
12/12/2015 Saturday BA7064: Port and Terminal Management
14/12/2015 Monday BA7011: Brand Management
15/12/2015 Tuesday BA7012: Retail Management
16/12/2015 Wednesday BA7013: Services Marketing

Electives Session 2 P.M. to 5 P.M. :
09/12/2015 Wednesday BA7016: Rural Marketing
10/12/2015 Thursday BA7025: Micro Finance
11/12/2015 Friday BA7014: Integrated Marketing Communication

I Semester Electives Session 10 A.M. to 1 P.M. :
02/11/2015 Monday BA1601:Statistics For Management
03/11/2015 Tuesday BA1602:Economic Foundations Of Business Environment
04/11/2015 Wednesday BA1603:Applied Operations Research For Management
05/11/2015 Thursday BA1604:Organizational Behaviour
06/11/2015 Friday BA1606:Accounting For Management
07/11/2015 Saturday BA1607:Legal Aspects Of Business

II Semester Electives Session 10 A.M. to 1 P.M. :
12/11/2015 Thursday BA1651:Production Management
13/11/2015 Friday BA1652:Financial Management
14/11/2015 Saturday BA1653:Marketing Management
16/11/2015 Monday BA1654:Human Resource Management
17/11/2015 Tuesday BA1655:Management Information System
18/11/2015 Wednesday BA1657:Research Methods In Business
07/12/2015 Monday BA1656:Quality Management

III Semester Electives Session 10 A.M. to 1 P.M. :
19/11/2015 Thursday BA1701:International Business Management
20/11/2015 Friday BA1702:Strategic Management
21/11/2015 Saturday BA1722:Services Marketing
23/11/2015 Monday BA1723:Advertising And Sales Promotion
24/11/2015 Tuesday BA1724:Consumer Behaviour
25/11/2015 Wednesday BA1727:Security Analysis And Portfolio Management
26/11/2015 Thursday BA1728:Merchant Banking And Financial Services
27/11/2015 Friday BA1729:International Trade Finance
28/11/2015 Saturday BA1733:Managerial Behaviour And Effectiveness
30/11/2015 Monday BA1734:Entrepreneurship Development
01/12/2015 Tuesday BA1735:Organisational Theory Design & Development
02/12/2015 Wednesday BA1736:Industrial Relations And Labour Welfare
03/12/2015 Thursday BA1740:Database Management Systems
04/12/2015 Friday BA1737:Labour Legislations
08/12/2015 Tuesday BA1721:Sales Management
09/12/2015 Wednesday BA1731:Corporate Finance

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