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Avinashilingam University : Time Table for Undergraduate I,II,III Semester

Organisation : Avinashilingam University
Announcement : Time Table for Undergraduate
Location : Coimbatore

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I UG Ist Semester 2015 Batch Time Table :
II UG IIIrd Semester 2014 Batch Time Table :
III UG Vth Semester 2013 Batch Time Table :
Home Page :

DSE – I Papers :
Forenoon 9.45 am to 12.45 pm
Afternoon 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Forenoon 23.11.2015 Monday :
Paper Code Major Title of Paper :
15BHDI01/ Human Development – DSE – I Perspectives of Home Science
15BFNI01/ Food Science and
15BTDI01/ Nutrition, Textiles and Apparel Designing
15BBCI 01 Biochemistry & Biotechnology DSE – I Chemistry for Biochemistry
15BCHI 01 Chemistry DSE – I Physics for Chemistry
15BMAI 01 Mathematics DSE – I Mathematical Statistics-I
15BCSI 01, Computer Science – DSE – I General Mathematics
15BCAI 01 Computer Application
15BMUI 01 Music, Functional Hindi, DSE – I Elements of Sociology
15BFHI 01 Psychology
15BPSI 01 DSE – I Elements of Sociology
15BECI 01 Economics DSE – I Principles of Management
15BSEI 01 Special Education and Mathematics DSE – I Introduction to Child Development

Afternoon 23.11.2015 Monday :
15BIDI 01/Interior Design DSE – I Perspectives of Home Science
15BCDI01/15BRDI01 F.S.M.D, Rural Development and Sociology
15BPHI 01 Physics DSE – I Mathematics
15BZOI 01 Zoology DSE – I Chemistry Theory for zoology
15BBOI 01 Botany DSE –I Non Chordates and Chordates
15BENI01 English DSE – I Current Economic Affairs
15BCOI 01/ Commerce/B.Com.C.A./ DSE -I Business Statistics
15BCCI 01/15BCPI 01 B.Com.P.A.
15BTOI 01 B.B.A.(Tourism) DSE -I Principles of Accountancy
15BITI 01 Information Technology DSE – I Algebra and Statistics
15BPAI01 Physician Assistant DSE – I Computer Application for Paramedics

Tuesday — 24.11.2015 Forenoon :
Major Paper code Title of the paper :
Economics 14BECC08 Monetary Economics
Music 14BMUC08 Biography of Musicians – I
Psychology 14BPSC07 Developmental Psychology
Mathematics 14BMAC08 Mechanics
Chemistry 14BCHC07 Theoretical Organic Chemistry
Bachelor of Computer Applications 14BCAC11 Database Management Systems
Computer Science 14BCSC11
Special Education and Mathematics 14BSMC06 Numerical Methods
Human Development 14BHDC07 Early and Late Childhood
Food Science and Nutrition 14BFNC07 Principles of Nutrition
Textiles and Apparel Designing 14BTDC12 Textile Dyeing and Printing
Biochemistry and Biotechnology 14BBTC06 Genetics

Tuesday — 24.11.2015 Afternoon :
Major Paper code Title of the paper :
Tamil 14BTMC07 Illakkanam-III Yappu Ani
English 14BENC08 Creative Writing
Functional Hindi 14BFHC08 Translation Principles and Techniques
Physics 14BPHC07 Electricity and Magnetism
Zoology 14BZOC07 Cell Biology
Botany 14BBOC08 Taxonomy and Economic Botany
Food Service Management and Dietetics 14BCDC10 Physiology
Interior Design & Resource Management 14BIDC08 Furniture Design and Construction
BBA Tourism 14BTOC09 Airport Functions and Formalities
Information Technology 14BITC09 Operating Systems
Visual Communication 14BVCC11 Print Production
Rural Development and Sociology 14BSOC05 Social Thought
Physician Assistant 14BPAC12 Medicine – I
Commerce 14BCOC10 Financial Accounting – III
B.Com Computer Applications 14BCCC10 B.Com Professional
Accounting 14BCPC11 Direct Taxes – I

Thursday — 26.11.2015 Forenoon :
Major Paper code Title of the paper :
Economics 14BECC09 Statistical Methods – I
Bachelor of Computer Applications 14BCAC12 Programming in VB.Net
Chemistry 14BCHC08 Thermodynamics I and Solid State Chemistry
Computer Science 14BCSC12 Programming in Java
Human Development 14BHDC08 Early Childhood Care and Education
Food Science and Nutrition 14BFNC09 Techniques of Food Evaluation
Textiles and Apparel Designing 14BTDC13 Textile Testing
Biochemistry and Biotechnology 14BBTC07 Environmental Management

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