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Bachelor of Engineering Examination Time Table 2015 : Avinashilingam University

Organisation : Avinashilingam University
Announcement : Bachelor of Engineering Examination Time Table 2015
Location : Coimbatore

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Time Table :
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Avinashilingam Time Table for Bachelor of Engineering

Dahte and Day Session and Time Branch Title of the paper
23.11.2015 Monday : Afternoon 2.00p.m. to 5.00p.m.
CSE 11BESM08 Computer Aided Numerical Methods

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BMIE/ECE 11BESM07 Probability and Random Processes/5.1 Probability Theory and Random Processes
IT 11BESM09 Probability, Random Processes and Simulation
EEE 11BEEC14 Design of Electrical Machines
Civil 11BESM10 Operations Research

24.11.2015 Tuesday : Forenoon 12.45p.m.
11BESM03 Transforms, Partial Differential Equations and Applications 3.1 Mathematics-III
BMIE 11BEBC22 Modelling of Physiological Systems
EEE 6.3 Solid State Drives

26.11.2015 Thursday : Forenoon 9.45a.m. to 12.45p.m.
11BEFI01/11BEVI01/14BEBI04/14BEPI05/14BELI05/14BEEI05/14BEVI05 Problem Solving Using C
FPPT 11BEFC15 Machine Design and Drawing
BMIE 11BEBC09 Medical Diagnostic Equipment
ECE 5.2/11BELC13 Electronic Circuits –II
IT 11BEIC13 Operating Systems
Civil 11BEVC18 Structural Analysis 5.1 Structural Analysis-I
CSE/BMIE/IT 11BEOI04/11BEBI08/11BEII04/ Electric Circuits and Systems
CSE/IT 14BEOI04/14BEII01 Electric Circuits and Systems

27.11.2015 Friday : Afternoon 2.00p.m. to 5.00p.m.
BMIE 11BEBI17 Neural Networks
ECE 14BELI01 Electrical Engineering Principles
EEE 7.5 Elective-I Real Time Embedded Systems

28.11.2015 Saturday : Forenoon 12.45p.m.
11BESM01/ 14BESM01Engineering Mathematics-I/ 1.2 Mathematics-I
EEE 14BEEI01 Professional Ethics
FPPT 11BEFC16 Sugar Process Engineering
BMIE 11BEBC12 Pathology and Microbiology
ECE 11BELC14 Microprocessors
11BEEC16 EEE Digital Systems
5.3 Digital Systems Civil 11BEVC19 Geology and Soil Mechanics

30.11.2015 Monday : Forenoon 9.45a.m. to 12.45p.m.
BMIE 11BEBC05 Human Anatomy and Physiology
11BEBC04 Medical Biochemistry
FPPT 11BEFC03 Unit Operations in Food Processing
ECE 3.2/11BELC03 Networks and Transmission Lines
IT 11BEIC05 Design and Analysis and Algorithms
EEE 11BEEC03 Electromagnetic Theory
Civil 3.5 Mechanics of Solids
ECE 11BELC29 Optical Communication
EEE 7.3 Protection and Switch Gear

1.12.2015 Tuesday : Forenoon 9.45a.m. to 12.45p.m.
11BESS01/14BESS01 Engineering Physics
1.3 Engineering Physics
BMIE 11BEBC13 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
ECE 5.4/11BELC15 Analog Integrated Circuits
IT 11BEIC15 Multimedia Systems
Civil 11BEVC20 Design of RC Elements

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