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NCAT 2016 National Creativity Aptitude Test : IFEHE

You can now ask your questions about this Entrance Exam. Please go to the bottom of this page.

Organisation : International Forum for Excellence in Higher Education (IFEHE)
Entrance Exam : National Creativity Aptitude Test NCAT 2016

Institute Registration :
Download Brochure :
Individual Student Registration :
Home Page/ Notification :

National Creativity Aptitude Test :

Who can participate? :
Category 1
** Students of 1st Year B.Tech

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** Students of 1st Year B.Engg.
** Students of 1st Year B.Sc.
** Students of 1st Year BCA
** Students of 1st Year B.Com
Category 2:
** Students of 2nd Year B.Tech
** Students of 2nd Year B.Engg.
** Students of 2nd Year B.Sc.
** Students of 2nd Year BCA
** Students of 2nd Year B.Com
Category 3:
** Students of 3rd Year B.Tech
** Students of 3rd Year B.Engg.
** Students of 3rd Year B.Sc.
** Students of 3rd Year BCA
** Students of 3rd Year B.Com
** Students of 4th Year B.Tech
** Students of 4th Year B.Engg.
Category 4:
** Students of 1st Year MBA
** Students of 1st Year M.Sc.
** Students of 1st Year MCA
** Students of 2nd Year MBA
** Students of 2nd Year M.Sc.
** Students of 2nd Year MCA

Examination Fee :
Students can enroll for the Test by paying Rs. 250 to their respective Faculty Coordinators or Dean of Students Welfare. Students are also requested to make any contacts regarding the test from their respective institutions only.

Important Dates :
Last Date of Registration
: 25 Jan 2016
Date of Round 1 exam (at the College/Institute): 20 Feb 2016
* College/Institute may postpone or prepone the date of Round 1 test by 7-10 days from actual date.
Result of Round 1 Exam: 25 Mar 2016
Date of Round 2 exam * :
For North India
Date: 12-Jun-2016
Venue: New Delhi *
For South India
Date: 29-May-2016
Venue: Bangalore *
* The organisers reserve the rights to change the venue and date of the exams. The institutes will be informed in such case.
Declaration of Winners: 16 Jun 2016

How to Participate :

** Please send single consolidated Demand Draft for the exam fee of all the students appearing for NCAT from your College/Institute after retaining the College/Institute share (The postage and maintenance charge).
** Demand Draft should be drawn in favor of “IFEHE” payable at New Delhi.
** DD should reach us on or before 25 Jan 2016.
** Colleges/Institutes are requested to encourage more and more students to participate.
** Any College/Institute to qualify as a center (in Round 1) for exam will require at least 100 enrolments from College/Institute across all category.

Mailing Address:
Mr. Ineesh Pathania
55B, First Floor, Nisha Complex
Kalu Sarai
New Delhi-110016

General Guidelines :
** The medium of the objective test will be English.
** The Round 1 examination will be conducted during Institute hours between 09:20 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.
** Institute needs to provide information about the participating student as per the student information form.
** College/Institute is requested to display the posters (sent to the institute) on the notice board.
** Each College/Institute is provided a unique NCAT code after the registration.

IFEHE National Creativity Aptitude Test :
** Research on ‘executive success’ indicates that problem solving skills is perhaps the single most important factor in the success of individuals and organizations.
** The willingness and ability to work hard is a necessary condition for success, it is however not a sufficient one.
** An organization can perform reasonably well doing things the way the best organizations do, however this can propel the organization to, at best, a number two position.
** The leadership position shall belong to organizations that do better than themselves.
** That is what makes an IBM, Intel, Motorola, Google……..
** Clearly, a good technician can apply the known, well established rules and processes to a situation.
** It is the hallmark of a genius who can find better solutions to existing problems, or in the words of Kenichi Ohmae, develop the ‘Art of Strategic Thinking’.
** An excellent strategy has an element of novelty, surprise and speed. This calls for creative thinking.
** Most good education creates conformists. We test the students on our lectures.
** They learn to procrastinate, cram at the last moment and get good grades. (Stephen Covey)
** They tend to believe that these quick-fix, short-cut methods are a recipe for success in life.
** Clearly life does not work this way. To perform well, one has to be consistent and do the tasks when they need to be done.
** Also, you can do reasonably well by what everybody else can do.
** Excellence however will come from doing the task better than the others through unique and innovative approaches.
** That creativity can be enhanced is well supported by research.
** However, it is a skill and skills are learnt by drill.
** We believe that once the creative ideas are allowed to flow, the students will find their own sources and applications and practice on their own.

Why National Creativity Aptitude Test :
** The NCAT is designed to sensitize the students to the domain of creative thinking and motivate them to read, learn and practice the same.
** We also wish to establish that there is no known correlation between memory, logical abilities, linguistic talent and creativity.
** NCAT may throw up a set of students who don’t seem to be the front-runners in the curricular subjects as creative geniuses and motivate them to sharpen their talent.
** We invite you to participate in this test.
** This Olympiad is designed to assess a child’s creative abilities and his/her achievement motivation.
** We believe that this Olympiad will unearth hidden talents and encourage children who may have felt discouraged, to participate in the learning process more willingly and meaningfully with a renewed sense of self-belief and self-confidence.
** This assessment would naturally lead to the child’s inclination to improve upon the same and search for resources in that direction.
** Given an appropriate environment this will lead to enhanced creativity and achievement motivation.

The Outcome :
** The NCAT will assess the creativity quotient of a student and his/her level of achievement motivation.
** By participating in this Test, the student shall get sensitized to the importance of these factors and their role in shaping one’s future.
** Once so oriented, the student shall seek out resources to develop creative thinking and enhance achievement motivation.
** Edward De Beno and David Mc Clleland have conclusively proved that both creativity and achievement motivation can be significantly enhanced by appropriate interventions.
** The starting point clearly is an assessment.
** The primary objectives of this test are – one, to sensitize the student and two, to appeal to his /her competitive spirit to make him/her an achiever.

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