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Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University : B.Tech End Semester Exam Schedule 2015

Organisation : Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University
Announcement : B.Tech End Semester Exam Schedule 2015
Location : Coimbatore

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Time Table :
Home Page :

Timings :
FN – 09:30 am to 12:30 pm
AN – 01:30 to 04:30 pm

B.Tech. (2015 batch) – December 2015 Examinations :
Date, Day & Session Subject Exam Slot :
07.12.2015 – AN Monday 15MAT111 Calculus,Matrix Algebra A
08.12.2015 – AN Tuesday 15ENG111 Communicative English G
09.12.2015 – AN Wednesday 15PHY100 Physics / 15CHY100 Chemistry B
10.12.2015 – AN Thursday 15CUL101 Cultural Education – I H
11.12.2015 – FN & AN Friday 15CSE100 Computational Thinking and Problem Solving C
* 12.12.2015 – FN & AN Saturday 15CSE100 Computational Thinking and Problem Solving C
* Being online exam, may be held on FN & AN ; In Coimbatore Campus for 2 days

End Examination Schedule for III Semester B.Tech. (2014 batch) – December 2015 Examinations :
14.12.2015 – AN Monday – – – – – CVL211 Construction Materials
15.12.2015 – AN Tuesday Humanities Electives
16.12.2015 – AN Wednesday AES211 Introduction to Aerospace Technology CVL200 Engineering Geology CHE240 Inorganic and Physical Chemistry MAT220 Discrete Mathematics (F Slot) Science Electives
17.12.2015 – AN CS ) Thursday MAT211 Integral Transforms and Complex Analysis
18.12.2015 – AN Friday MEC220 Engineering Thermodynamics CVL201 Surveying CHE210 Introduction to Chemical Engineering ECE210 Digital Systems MEC220 Engineering
19.12.2015 – AN Saturday AES221 Mechanics of Fluids CVL220 Principles of Fluid Mechanics CHE211 Fluid Mechanics ENV200 Environmental Studies ECE220 Signals and Systems MEC209 Mechanical Engineering MEC200 Metallurgy and Materials Science

Science Electives :
CHY271 Electro Chemical Energy Systems and Processes
CHY251 Chemistry of Engineering Materials
CHY259 Instrumental Method of Analysis
CHY263 Organic Reaction Mechanisms
CHY276 Fuels and Combustion
PHY250 Electrical Engineering Materials
PHY252 Physics of Semiconductor Devices
PHY253 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
PHY263 Concepts of Nanophysics and Nanotechnology
PHY264 Thin Film Physics
PHY272 Quantum Physics and its Applications
PHY274 Astrophysics
PHY275 Nuclear Energy: Principles and Applications

Humanities Electives :
CUL151 Achieving Excellence in Life An Indian Perspectice
FRE201 Proficiency in French Language
GER201 Proficiency in German Language
HUM254 Glimpses of Indian Economy and Polity
HUM256 Psychology for Engineers
HUM258 Health and Life Style
HUM260 Message of Upanishads
HUM261 The Message of Bhagavat Gita
MAL101 Malayalam I

Contact us :
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
Amritanagar, Coimbatore – 641 112
Tamilnadu, India

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