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NIIFT Entrance Exam Sample Questions


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Quantitative Ability

1. A number consists of two digits whose sum is 7. If the digits are reversed, then the number is increased by 27. The number is
(1) 25 (2) 34
(3) 16 (4) 52
2. A student has to secure 15% marks to get through. If he gets 80 marks and fails by 70 marks, find the maximum marks set for the examination.
(1) 900 (2) 1000
(3) 1200 (4) None of these.
3. The average of two numbers is 62. If 2 is added to the smaller number, the ratio between the numbers become 1:2. The smaller number is
(1) 60 (2) 30
(3) 84 (4) 40
4. A jar contains black and white marbles. If there are ten marbles in the jar, then which of the following could not be the ratio of black to white marbles?
(1) 9:1 (2) 7:3
(3) 1:10 (4) 1:4
5. If 7 maids with 7 mops chaned 7 floors in 7 hours, how long would it takes 3 maids to mop 3 floors with 3 mops?
(1) 3 hours (2) 49/3 hours
(3) 7 hours (4) 7/3 hours
6. Mohan covers 10.2 km in 3 hours, the distance covered by him in 5 hours is
(1) 15 km (2) 17 km
(3) 19 km (4) None of these
7. A train speeds past a pole in 15 seconds and speeds past a platform 100 metres long in 25 seconds. Its length in metres is
(1) 200 (2) 150
(3) 50 (4) Data inadequate
8. A person distributes his pens among four friends A, B, C and D in the ratio 1/3:1/4:1/5:1/6. What is the minimum number of pens that the person should have?
(1) 52 pens (2) 55 pens
(3) 57 pens (4) 59 pens

Analytical Ability

1. A certain number of horses and an equal number of men are going somewhere. Half of the owners are on their horses’ back while the remaining ones are walking along leading their horses. If the number of legs walking on the ground is 70, how many horses are there?
(1) 10 (2) 12
(3) 14 (4) 16
2. Choose the term which will continue the following series:
P 3 C, R 5 F, T 8 I, V 12 L, ?
(1) Y 17 O (2) X 17 M
(3) X 17 O (4) X 16 O
3. The post office is to the east of the school while my house is to the south of the school. The market is to the north of the post office. If the distance of the market from the post office is equal to the distance of my house from the school, in which direction is the market with respect to my school?
(1) North (2) East
(3) North-east (4) South-west
Directions (Q4): In the following question, a statement is given followed by two conclusions I and II. Mark your answer as
(1) if only conclusion I follows
(2) if only conclusion II follows
(3) if neither I nor II follows
(4) if both I and II follows
4. Statement: Sealed tenders are invited from competent contractors experienced in executing construction jobs.
I. Tenders are invited only from experienced contractors.
II. It is difficult to find competent tenderers in construction jobs.
Directions (Q5): Read the following information to answer the question.
The Director of the Institute has announced that six guest lectures on different areas like Leadership, Decision Making, Quality Circle, Motivation, Assessment Centre and Group Discussion are to be organized only one on each day from Monday to Sunday.
(i) Motivation should be organized immediately after Assessment Centre.
(ii) Quality Circle should be organized on Wednesday and should not be followed by Group Discussion.
(iii) Decision Making should be organized on Friday and there should be a gap of two days between Leadership and Group Discussion.
(iv) One day there will be no lecture (Saturday is not that day); just before that day Group Discussion will be organized.
5. Which of the pairs of lectures were organized on first and last day?
(1) Quality Circle and Motivation
(2) Group Discussion and Quality Circle
(3) Group Discussion and Decision Making
(4) None of these
Directions (Q6) : Each of these has a question followed by two statements, I and II. Mark your answer as
(1) if II alone is suficient, but I alone is not sufficient to answer the question.
(2) if I alone is sufficient, but II alone is not sufficient to answer the question.
(3) if I and II together are sufficient to answer the question, but neither of these alone is sufficient.
(4) if even I and II together are not sufficient to answer the question.
6. What is the relation between P and R?
I R is the only son of S and T.
II Q’s daughter P is the daughter-in-law of S and T.
7. A cube is coloured black on all faces. It is cut into 64 smaller cubes each of equal sizes. How many cubes are coloured on three faces?
(1) 20 (2) 18 (3) 8 (4) 10
8. The burning of coal, oil, and other combustible energy sources produce carbon dioxide, a natural constituent of the atmosphere. Elevated levels of carbon dioxide are thought to be responsible for half the greenhouse effect. Enough carbon dioxide has been sent into the atmosphere already to cause a significant temperature increase. Growth in industrial production must be slowed, or production processes must be changed.
Which of the following, if true, would tend to weaken the strength of the above conclusion?
(1) Carbon dioxide is bad for the health.
(2) Most carbon dioxide is emitted by automobiles.
(3) Industry is switching over to synthetic liquid fuel extracted from coal.
(4) A shift to other energy sources would be too costly.
9. More and more elected representatives in governments, all over the world, are getting caught up in scandals related to their personal or professional lives. This is dangerous for them, as the public is becoming more conscious about electing its representatives based on their character rather than their qualifications.
The given passage best concludes which of the following?
(1) We need more people with clean character.
(2) Elected representatives in the government do not realize what people are looking for in government.
(3) To be able to attract voters, the people entering public life should make sure that there is no aspect in their public or professional lives that can be questioned.
(4) People looking for a place in the government should be of sound character.

Communication Ability

Direction (Q1): Choose the alternative which is closest in meaning to the underlined word in the sentence.
1. The meeting was called to ruminate on recent events in the subcontinent.
(1) examine (2) ponder
(3) argue (4) discuss
2. Select the lettered pair of words which are related in the same way as the capitalized words are related to each other.
(1) humour : amusement (2) expression : words
(3) clarification : doubt (4) radiation : cosmic
Directions (Q3): Choose the alternative which can be substituted for the given word/expressions.
3. That which can be interpreted in any way
(1) Ambivalent (2) Ambient
(3) Amphibious (4) Ambiguous
4. Select the part of the sentence which has an error
(1) Since I was a child
(2) I have never had
(3) even a single opportunity
(4) to visit my aunt.
5. Choose the correctly spelt word.
(1) flamable (2) flamboyance
(3) flavescent (4) flaxen
6. Fill in the blank
He generally………….the faults of his subordinates.
(1) passed over (2) passed through
(3) passed upon (4) passed out
Directions (Q7): In the following sentence, choose the word opposite in meaning to the underlined word to fill in the blank
7. People often prefer ambiguity to ____________________
(1) clarity (2) perversity
(3) rationality (4) certainly
8. Find the closest meaning of the given idiom/phrase. A bee is one’s bonnet
(1) To be very enterprising
(2) To be very timid and shy
(3) To have an impractical idea
(4) To have a particular idea which occupies one’s thought continually

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