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AUAT 2016 Model Question Paper : Aliah University Admission Test

Organisation : Aliah University
Announcement : Model Question Paper
Entrance Test : Aliah University Admission Test AUAT-2016

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Aliah AUAT Model Question

Part- II
76. I congratulate you ………. your success. Fill in the blank with the correct alternative:
A. For
B. At
C. In
D. On

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77. She ……….. her children to be truthful. Choose the appropriate phrasal verb to fill in the blank:
A. Brought up
B. Brought away
C. Brought on
D. Brought for

78. A person coming to a foreign land to settle there is called a/an ………….
A. Emigrant
B. Foreigner
C. Immigrant
D. Refugee

79. The three girls ………….. for an hour. Choose the correct tense form of the verb:
A. Are playing
B. Had been playing
C. Have been playing
D. Were played

80. The hotel is within a stone’s throw of the sea beach. Choose the correct meaning of the italicized idiom:
A. Very far-off
B. Within a definite circumference
C. With a certain radius
D. At a short distance

81. The pilot was a hater of mankind. Replace the italicized phrase with its correct alternative:
A. Pessimist
B. Misanthropist
C. Theist
D. Terrorist

82. I’ll give this old shirt ……… Complete the sentence with the correct alternative:
A. Over
B. Away
C. Out
D. Off

83. ‘Cricket’ is also a kind of ………
A. Bird
B. Flower
C. Insect
D. Plant

84. Choose the word opposite in meaning to ‘transparent’:
A. Clear
B. Translucent
C. Ugly
D. Opaque

85. Find the word that is correctly spelt:
A. Introvert
B. Extrovart
C. Intrution
D. Entertening

86. Surah Al Fatiha of the Holy Quran is
A. The opening surah
B. The shortest surah
C. The longest surah
D. The concluding surah

87. Muhammad bin Ismail al-Bukhari was
A. A writer of religious poetry
B. A warrior
C. A compiler of hadith
D. A martyr

88. Cordova, the great medieval centre of Islamic culture, was in
A. Iran
B. Spain
C. Egypt
D. France

89. ‘Tahajjud’ prayer is usually offered
A. At dawn
B. In the evening
C. Late at night
D. At noon.

90. The first revelation of the Holy Quran was sent down during the
A. Laylat ul-Qadr
B. Shab-e Barat
C. Lailat ul-Meraj
D. On the day of the Eid

91. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was born in the city of ………
A. Madinah
B. Damascus
C. Jerusalem
D. Makkah

92. The name of the month during which the Muslims observe fasting is ……..
A. Ramadan
B. Rajab
C. Shaban
D. Shawwal

93. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was born in the year ……………
A. 1000 A.D.
B. 570 A.D.
C. 632 A. D.
D. 850 A.D.

94. During the namaz, all Muslims face towards the …………
A. Kabah
B. Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah
C. Al-Azhar mosque
D. None of these

95. The wealthy Muslims give a set proportion of their wealth to charity. It is called ……..
A. Salat
B. Saum
C. Zabur
D. Zakat

96. International Women’s Day is celebrated on
A. March 15;
B. March 22;
C. March 18;
D. March 8

97. Which of the following is a good nuclear fuel?
A. Uranium 238
B. Plutonium 239
C. Neptunium 238
D. Thorium 236

98. Which word does NOT belong to the others?
A. Unimportant
B. Trivial
C. Insignificant
D. Familiar

99. Malala Yusufzai and Kailash Satyarthi were awarded
A. Nobel Prize in Child Rights Protection
B. Nobel Prize in Fight against Terrorism
C. Nobel Prize in Children’s Education
D. Nobel Peace Prize

100. The title role in the film PK was played by ……
A. Shahrukh Khan
B. Aamir Khan
C. Salman Khan
D. Saif Ali Khan

AUAT Pattern

The paper of AUAT-2016 examination is of two hour duration (100 marks in total) for all programmes:

Part A

** Part – A (25 Marks) on English, Islamic Studies, and General Knowledge (in the ratio of approximately 2:2:1).

Part B

** Part-B (75 Marks) for all A 01 programmes will comprise of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. (in the equal ratio, i.e. 1:1:1)
** Part-B (75 Marks) for Integrated BBA-MBA (B 02) programme will be on basic Mathematics, verbal and nonverbal reasoning, Commercial Arithmetic and elementary knowledge in concerned area.
** Part-B (75 Marks) for all 2-years Masters programmes (including M. Tech programmes) (C 01 – C 16) except MJMC, 5-year integrated M.A/M.Sc in English (B 01) / Geography (B 03) / Biological Sciences (A 02), will be on the concerned subject.
** Part-B (75 Marks) for MJMC (C 07) will be on English (concept of Language and Literature), Fundamentals of Journalism & Mass Communication having its role as fourth pillar of Indian Democracy, Sports and Cinema.
** Part-B (75 Marks) for 3-years (Hons) in Arabic (D 01) / Urdu (D 04), and 3-years BA in Theology (Kamil) (D 02) programmes will be on the concerned subject.
** Part-B (75 Marks) for 3-year MCA (D 03) programme will be comprised of Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation, Problem Solving Questions, Discrete Quantitative Analysis and Basic Mathematics.
** Part-B (75 Marks) for LATERAL ENTRY to B. Tech programme (E 01) will be comprised of Engg. Mathematics (20 marks), Basic Computer Science (15 marks), Strength of Material (10 marks), Engg. Mechanics (10 marks) Environmental Engg. (10 Marks), & Basic Electrical Technology (10 marks)
** Final merit list will be prepared on the basis of written examination only.

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