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Organisation : J&K Board Of Professional Entrance Examinations Jammu Kashmir BOPEE
Announcement : Question Pattern of Entrance Examination
Entrance Exam : Diploma Polytechnic Entrance Test-2015 PET
Reference Number : Notification No. 04-BOPEE of 2015

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Question Pattern :
Home Page :

Diploma Polytechnic Entrance Test-2015 PET
Centres of Examination :
1. The Entrance Test shall be held at the centres as may be specified by the Board in the cities of Srinagar and Jammu only.
2. Centres shall be allotted by the BOPEE and the information regarding this shall be provided to the candidates on the Admit Cards.
3. The Test Centre once allotted shall not be changed under any circumstances.
4. The medium of test will be English only.
5. The Board shall not conduct another test in any circumstances what so ever for those candidates who fail to appear in the test on the scheduled date.

Nature of Question Paper :
1. It shall be the sole responsibility of the candidate to check the Question Booklet before attempting to answer any question. Where a Question Booklet has any missing page, blank page, missed question or damaged or defaced page, it shall be the responsibility of the concerned candidate to bring it into the notice of the concerned invigilator and get it replaced by a new Booklet of the same series. The Question Booklet must have 180 questions. No complaint in this regard shall be entertained by the Board after the conclusion of the examination

2. There shall be only one paper in the entrance test having 180 questions of one mark each, with time duration of 3.00 hours.

3. The broad distribution of questions in different subjects shall be:-

4. The question paper shall be objective type containing multiple choice answers. It contains several pages stapled together in one cover. The questions are based on knowledge, understanding and application of the relevant subject that a student of 10th standard is expected to posses. All questions are compulsory. There is 0.2 negative marks for every wrong answer. A candidate having negative marks shall not be considered for admission.

5. Candidates should not make any type of marking on the Question Booklet. Paper for rough work is included in the Question Booklet.

6. Each Question Booklet has four series, which are in alphabets i.e. A, B, C, D printed on the cover page of the Question Booklet. At the end of the test, candidates can take the Question Booklets with them.

Nature of OMR Answer Sheet :
1. In order to maintain transparency of examination, candidates are provided OMR Answer Sheet (Optical Mark Reader Answer Sheet) having original copy and candidate’s copy (Annexure II). The candidates are directed to fold at perforation at the top of sheet, tear it after the Test is over and separate original copy and candidate’s copy. Finally they shall have to handover the original copy to the invigilator and take along with them the candidate’s copy.
2. The OMR Answer Sheets are used in order to simplify the procedure of evaluation and also to ensure highest accuracy. Each circle on the OMR Sheet has an alphabetical or numerical value. So a small mistake in shading the round spot on the circle may make a big mistake.
3. The OMR Answer Sheets will be supplied to the candidates in the examination hall.
4. At the top of the OMR Sheet, there are few blanks which are to be filled in carefully.
5. Write Question Booklet Number, Booklet series, and Roll Number in numerical and also darken the appropriate circles.
6. Write the given certification statement in your running handwriting in English and append your signature and left hand thumb impression at the space provided for the purpose on your OMR Sheet. This certificate is to be authenticated by the invigilator and superintendent of the examination centre.
7. Complete the formalities and wait for the signal to start, tear and open the seal of Question Booklet, begin reading and answering the questions.
8. Recording of wrong Roll No. or Question Paper Series or its omission on the OMR Answer Sheet shall be done by the candidate at his/her own risk. The Board shall, in no case, entertain any complaint of the candidate regarding the same.
9. Each question is followed by four responses i.e.1, 2, 3, and 4; of which only one is correct or the most appropriate response. Indicate the correct response by darkening the appropriate circle completely with black or blue ball point pen on the Answer Sheet.
For Example Q. 11
Chennai is the capital of the State of :
1. Karnataka 2. Tamil Nadu
3. Kerala 4. Andhra Pradesh
The correct response is (2). Locate the Question Number in the OMR Answer Sheet and darken the circle under column (2) as shown below:
Ensure that the circle is completely darkened. Incomplete or faintly darkened circle will be rejected by the Optical Scanner and consequently no marks/negative mark will be awarded for the same.

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  1. How can we get previous year question papers?

    1. You can get previous year question papers using this link :
      Link provided as in the official website of J&K Board Of Professional Entrance Examinations Jammu Kashmir BOPEE

  2. When will the exams of polytechnic be held?

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