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Organisation : State Board of Technical Education and Training Andhra Pradesh SBTET AP
Announcement : APRIL-MAY 2015 Diploma Examination Time-Table

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APRIL-MAY 2015 Diploma Examination Time-Tables

C05 Diploma in Architectural Assistantship April-May-2015
Date Subject code Subject name Time
DAA I Year 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM
17-Apr-2015 AA-101 English (Common A-101)
20-Apr-2015 AA-102 Engineering Mathematics-I (Common A-102)
22-Apr-2015 AA-103 Physics (Common A-103)
24-Apr-2015 AA-104 Chemistry (Common A-104)
29-Apr-2015 AA-105 Building Materials
30-Apr-2015 AA-106 Basic Design (9.30AM to12.30PM & 2.00 PM to 5.00PM)
04-May-2015 AA-107 Geometrical Drawing
DAA III Semester 02:00PM to 05:00PM
16-Apr-2015 AA-301 Engineering Mathematics-II (Common A-301)
18-Apr-2015 AA-303 Engineering Mechanics
21-Apr-2015 AA-304 Surveying
23-Apr-2015 AA-302 History of Architecture-I
28-Apr-2015 AA-305 Architectural Design – I (9.30 AM to 12.30PM & 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM)
29-Apr-2015 AA-305 Architectural Design – I ( 9.30 AM to 12.30PM)
02-May-2015 AA-307 Perspective Drawing
DAA IV Semester 9.30 AM to 12.30PM
17-Apr-2015 AA-402 History of Architecture-II
20-Apr-2015 AA-403 Theory of Structures
22-Apr-2015 AA-401 Information Technology & C (Common A-401)
24-Apr-2015 AA-407 Building construction Drawing
27-Apr-2015 AA-404 Specifications and Estimation (02:00PM to 05:00PM)
01-May-2015 AA-405 Architectural Design – II 9.30.AM to12.30PM & 2.00 PM to 5.00PM
02-May-2015 AA-405 Architectural Design – II 9.30.AM to12.30PM
DAA VI Semester 9.30.AM to12.30PM
16-Apr-2015 AA-601 Entrepreneurship and Project Management
18-Apr-2015 AA-602 Construction failures, Repairs & Maintenance
21-Apr-2015 AA-605 Urban Planning & Legislation
23-Apr-2015 AA-603 Structural Design
27-Apr-2015 AA-604 Environmental Engineering
04-May-2015 AA-607 Building Working Drawings

C05 Diploma in Automobile Engineering April/May-2015
Date Subject code Subject name Time
DAE I Year 02:00PM TO 05:00PM Common to C-08
17-Apr-2015 A-101 English (Common A-101)
20-Apr-2015 A-102 Engineering Mathematics-I (Common A-102)
22-Apr-2015 A-103 Physics (Common A-103)
24-Apr-2015 A-104 Chemistry (Common A-104)
27-Apr-2015 A-107 Engineering Drawing (Common A-107)
29-Apr-2015 A-105 Work Shop Technology
DAE III Semester 02:00PM TO 05:00PM
16-Apr-2015 A-301 Engineering Mathematics-II (Common A-301)
18-Apr-2015 A-302 Basic Mechanical Engineering
21-Apr-2015 A-303 Strength of Materials
23-Apr-2015 A-304 Automobile Electrical Systems
25-Apr-2015 A-305 Engineering Materials
28-Apr-2015 A-306 Machine Drawing and Auto Cad
DAE IV Semester 09:30AM TO 12:30PM
17-Apr-2015 A-402 Automobile Power Plants
20-Apr-2015 A-403 Automobile Transmission System
22-Apr-2015 A-401 Information Technology and C Language (Common A-401)
24-Apr-2015 A-404 Fluid Mechanics
27-Apr-2015 A-405 Manufacturing Process
DAE V Semester- 09:30AM TO 12:30PM
02-May-2015 A-501 Automobile Chassis
04-May-2015 A-502 Design of Machine Elements
05-May-2015 A-504 Motor Transport Organisation
06-May-2015 A-505 Automobile Reconditioning and Pollution Control
09-May-2015 A-506 Automobile Engineering Drawing
11-May-2015 A-503 Production Technology-I
DAE VI Semester 09:30AM TO 12:30PM
16-Apr-2015 A-601 Industrial Management and Entrepreneurship (Common AEI-601)
18-Apr-2015 A-602 Special Purpose Vehicles
21-Apr-2015 A-603 Production Technology-II
23-Apr-2015 A-604 Automobile Body Engineering
25-Apr-2015 A-605 Automobile Servicing & Maintenance

C05 Diploma in Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering April/May-2015
Date Subject code Subject name Time
DAEIE I Year 02:00PM TO 05:00PM
17-Apr-2015 AEI-101 English (Common A-101)
20-Apr-2015 AEI-102 Engineering Mathematics-I (Common A-102)
22-Apr-2015 AEI-103 Physics (Common A-103)
24-Apr-2015 AEI-104 Chemistry (Common A-104)
27-Apr-2015 AEI-107 Engineering Drawing (Common A-107)
29-Apr-2015 AEI-105 Electronic Components & Devices (Common EC-105)
DAEIE III Semester 02:00PM TO 05:00PM
16-Apr-2015 AEI-301 Engineering Mathematics-II (Common A-301)
18-Apr-2015 AEI-302 Electronic circuits-I (Common EC-302)
21-Apr-2015 AEI-303 Circuit Theory (Common EC-303)
23-Apr-2015 AEI-304 Digital Electronics (Common EC-304)
25-Apr-2015 AEI-305 Process Instrumentation-I
DAEIE IV Semester 09:30AM TO 12:30PM
17-Apr-2015 AEI-402 Electrical Engineering (Common EC-402)
20-Apr-2015 AEI-403 Electronic circuits-II (Common EC-403)
22-Apr-2015 AEI-401 Information Technology & C Language (Common A-401)
24-Apr-2015 AEI-404 Control Engineering
27-Apr-2015 AEI-405 Process Instrumentation-II
DAEIE V Semester 09:30AM TO 12:30PM
28-Apr-2015 AEI-503 Microcontrollers & Applications (Common EC-404 / EE-605)
02-May-2015 AEI-501 Electronic Measuring Instruments (Common EC-501)
04-May-2015 AEI-502 Power Electronics (Common EC-502/EE-602)
05-May-2015 AEI-504 Process control
06-May-2015 AEI-505 Linear IC applications
DAEIE VI Semester 09:30AM TO 12:30PM
16-Apr-2015 AEI-601 Industrial Management and Entrepreneurship (Common A-601)
18-Apr-2015 AEI-602 Industrial Electronics, PLC and SCADA
21-Apr-2015 AEI-603 Analytical Instrumentation
23-Apr-2015 AEI-604 Bio-Medical Instrumentation
25-Apr-2015 AEI-605 Communication Engg.

NOTE: The Practical exams will be conducted on the dates notified by the principal as per the dates notified in the notification

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