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Organization : Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology
Entrance Exam : Joint Entrance Examination JEE 2015
Facility : How To Apply

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How To Apply :
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Online Registration Process – CIPET JEE 2015 :
** Create your Application Account carefully and provide complete and accurate information.
** Complete your registration form as directed.
** Provide your mobile number, Email Address to which your Application number, UserName and Password will be sent by SMS & Email.
** All fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.
** The candidate will be asked to log-in for the online application process using the User Name and Password given at the time of registration.
** Please ensure that your User Name and Password are kept protected to prevent any misuse.

Online Application Instructions :
** Click here for the registration or to apply as a new applicant
** If already registered click here to login to complete your application
** After reading the prospectus and instructions click the check box, it will display the Captcha code and enable the “Proceed” button. Enter Captcha code displaying on the image and click “Proceed” to continue. It will navigate you to the “Registration” page
** Click “Register” after entering the valid mandatory details. Enter valid mobile number and email id to receive Username and Password details. Clicking on “Clear” button will reset or clear all the entered details. After the successful registration you will be redirected to “Login” page
** After entering registered Username and Password which is received though Email and SMS, click “Login”. After successful login it will go to the “My Application” page
** Click “Forgot Password” to your forgotten password
** Click “Register” to register as a new applicant. It will redirect you to the “Registration” page
** Click “Change Password” to change your existing password to new password
** Click “Logout” to exit the application
** Click “Update” to update the Personal Details. Once you complete the Personal Details, Upload Images will be enabled.
** Click “Submit” after giving all the mandatory details. Here the payment will not be available only for the candidates of North East Regions
** Click “My Application” to go to the My Application page
** Click “Save” if the details correct. If you want to edit the details, click “Edit”
** Click “Browse” button to choose the valid image file to upload
** Click “Upload” button to upload the selected image
** Preview panel of the uploaded images
** Click “Crop” to crop the uploaded images
** Click “Submit” after uploading the valid images

Crop an Image:
** Cropping an image allows you to cut out any portion of the image you don’t like or make an image smaller.
** This document contains the steps performed to crop an image in the online application.
** Below given is a visual example of a large image, such as an image scanned into the computer, being cropped to a smaller image.
** It is not possible to “uncrop” a cropped image, unless the original image still exists, or undoes information exists if an image is cropped and saved (without undo information), it cannot be recovered without the original.

** Select a Region to Crop
** Click “Crop” after selecting the region to crop.
** There are many reasons to crop an image; for example, fitting an image to fill a frame, removing a portion of the background to emphasize the subject, etc. Click on one corner of the desired crop area and drag your mouse to create the crop rectangle. You don’t have to be accurate as you can change the exact shape of the rectangle later.
** Click “OK” after the cropping to take effect. If you don’t want to crop the image then click “OK” to proceed as it is.
** Click “Save & Proceed” to save the images. If you want Re-Upload or Edit the Images, click “Edit”

My Application after Personal Details and Upload Images:
** Click “Edit” if you want to edit the Personal
** Click “Edit” if you want to edit the Upload Images
** Click “Pay” to pay the fee through online. It will navigate you to the Online Payment Gateway. Payment option is only for Non-North East Region candidates
** If you want pay through internet banking, click “Internet Banking” tab. Else click “Debit Cards else Credit Card…

My Application – Generate Application:
After completing all the process, “Generate Application” will be enabled. You can generate the Final application by clicking “Generate application”

Generate Final Application:
After clicking “I agree” box, your “Generate PDF” button will be enabled. Click “Generate PDF” to generate the Final Application in a PDF format

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  1. I am AMIE chemical engineer with CGPA 7.43. I haven’t got gate score. Can I apply for mtech in plastic engineering?

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